Black Philanthropy Initiative

The Black Philanthropy Initiative is a permanent endowment supported by African Americans to address relevant issues in Arizona's Black community.

Members of BPI standing in front of a mural
2022 BPI members

Who we are

The Black Philanthropy Initiative started with a vision from the late Civil Rights Leader and Board member Jean Fairfax in 2008. Under the leadership of the Arizona Community Foundation staff, other Board members, and a dedicated task force comprised of respected African American leaders, BPI was formed. 

The mission of BPI is to advance equity, leadership, and social justice for African Americans. Led by local volunteers, BPI is a movement and is comprised of charitable funds that engage African Americans and other interested Arizonans as active philanthropists to help achieve this mission.

Since 2008, BPI has granted $1.6 million to 67 Black-led/Black Serving Nonprofits in Arizona, the majority connected to ACF for the first time through BPI.

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Community Impact

S.E.E. M.E. Program In Action

Graduates of the SEE ME 2023 cohort

Launched in July 2019

to raise visibility and opportunity.


cohort members.


month program.

As part of the Black Philanthropy Initiative's Social Justice Project, the S.E.E. M.E. Program aims to improve economic equity in Arizona by assisting Black-owned businesses.

Support includes a system of mentoring, financial education, business development, and capital investment. Participating organizations are identified, evaluated, then held accountable for success through course compliance, mentorship engagement, and business growth metrics.

The program works to support, track, and evaluate a total of twenty nonprofit and for-profit businesses with the intention of helping to close the racial wealth gap. Congratulations to the first graduates who successfully completed the program in January 2023 (pictured above). A second cohort is underway.