Individuals, families, corporations, and nonprofit organizations trust the Arizona Community Foundation to invest and manage charitable assets because of our 45 years of experience and proven track record.

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Our investment objective

ACF's primary investment objective is to achieve long-term returns net of investment expenses sufficient to meet or exceed annual spending and inflation.

These returns allow us to grow assets through capital appreciation, preserve the purchasing power of the asset base, and fund ACF’s grantmaking and operations.

We strive to achieve our objective through the prudent management and oversight of a well-diversified portfolio. The majority of ACF’s assets are housed in our investment pools, with a third managed by external asset managers.

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Investment Pools

ACF offers five investment pools from which donors can choose.

Externally Managed Funds

Funds that meet certain requirements may request external investment management.

Investment Committee

Experts in the field oversee the management of ACF’s investment program.

Investment Managers

Our pools are overseen by a diversified mix of underlying investment managers.