Important update: Due to delays in the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information release timeline, the majority of scholarships with March deadlines have been extended to April 1 for this year only.
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Portrait of CTE scholarship recipient Tessa Brainard from Sedona.
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Photo of ACF scholarship recipient Albert Alan at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

In 2017,

Albert earned three concurrent degrees from UArizona.


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Albert Alan's aspirations are boundless, and he has the hard evidence to prove it.

In 2017, he earned three concurrent degrees from the University of Arizona. This foundation in physiology, sociology, and neuroscience landed Albert in the UArizona College of Medicine, where he is pursuing both an M.S. in Cellular Molecular Medicine and an M.D. degree. Albert also serves in a research position for the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Neurosurgery and plans to become a board-certified neurosurgeon, all while tackling unforeseen health challenges.

Throughout his education so far, the pursuit of knowledge has helped him better understand the world as a complex and often inequitable place. Combined with his own experience grappling with homelessness during his teens, Albert has gained a unique perspective on how he can be a physician who leads with compassion.

He sees an opportunity to meet his patients in their world by learning more about the racial and socioeconomic disparities that exist in healthcare. Albert’s goal is to help close those gaps, motivated by the chance to improve the quality of care for people of color and those experiencing homelessness.

When Albert reflects on the value of his education and the ACF scholarships that made it possible, he can’t overstate how much it meant to him.

Photos courtesy of Albert Alan

Education was literally my oxygen, because that’s all I had. When you’re drowning, and nothing’s working out; when you have no family and you’re alone; when the only oxygen tank you have is a book—that was my life. That’s why you see all these degrees. They were my way of staying alive in this world.
Portrait of ACF scholarship recipient Albert Alan.

Albert Alan

ACF scholarship recipient