Hayley’s Hope Scholarship Fund

Opens January 1, 2024
Closes May 1, 2024

The Hayley's Hope Scholarship Fund is founded upon the memory of our beautiful daughter Hayley O'Neill. Hayley attended Northern Arizona University on a full tuition scholarship, majoring in electrical engineering. During the end of Hayley’s sophomore year, she began her transition from male to female. She experienced many obstacles while attending the university and therefore decided to take a break. She had always hoped to resume her education and obtain her degree once she had fully transitioned. Due to obstacles and barriers, she was unable to achieve this. It is our desire that through the Hayley's Hope Scholarship Fund, we will help to eliminate some of the financial barriers to obtaining a higher education. Through a financial scholarship, we hope to ease the financial burdens that the transgender community experiences in obtaining higher education. With HOPE, anything is possible.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 2-Year
  • 4-Year
  • Vocational
  • 30 years or younger
    Preference to current or former one-n-ten members.