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Statement on Proposition 308


Four hot air balloons above the Phoenix skyline.

The Arizona Community Foundation supports Proposition 308, a bipartisan campaign led by education, business, faith, and civic leaders, which Arizona voters will consider in November. If passed, the measure will allow all Arizona high school graduates who have lived in Arizona for a minimum of two years and graduated from an Arizona high school the opportunity to pay the in-state tuition rate at our public universities and community colleges, regardless of their immigration status.

ACF is the largest independent provider of scholarships in Arizona, managing nearly 200 scholarship programs and awarding millions of dollars in scholarships annually to help thousands of students achieve their education goals. ACF’s scholarship funds are established by individuals, families, and businesses who are inspired by a desire to assist students with the opportunity to earn a college education. Each year, thousands of Arizona students, including Dreamers, receive scholarships from ACF to support their educational endeavors at colleges, universities, trade and vocational schools in Arizona and across the nation.

Many Dreamers came to Arizona at a very young age, call Arizona their home, and are among our highest-ranking high school graduates. Currently, however, these students are charged tuition rates that can be as much as three times higher than their classmates, making it difficult for them to afford a college education. “I was working several night shifts in order to save for my tuition. I had to also occasionally assist my family with groceries or house bills instead of saving more money for my schooling fund,” shared one Dreamer who recently received a scholarship from ACF. “These constant financial burdens made attending college a difficult situation.”

ACF is endorsing Proposition 308 to ensure that all Arizona students receive a fair shot to earn a quality education and meaningfully contribute to our communities in college and beyond.