Memorial Fund

Dr. Burt Webb Legacy Fund for Integrative Medicine

On Friday November 10, 2023, Burt Webb, M.D., of Scottsdale, Arizona, bid farewell to an accomplished and well-lived life. He was 70 years young. His beloved wife and children were by his side.

Burt Webb was born in Oakland, California. He attended elementary through high school in Bakersfield, California and was a record setting swimmer on a national level. He graduated from Stanford University where he was on the swim team, played water polo and rugby. He went on to Tulane Medical School and did his Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix. Burt began his Ob-Gyn practice in Scottsdale in 1984; he delivered over 11,000 babies. His current practice at Vitality MD's focused on gynecology, hormones, and men’s and women’s overall health, with emphasis on treating the whole person. Although he was always interested in functional and integrative medicine, when he and his wife were diagnosed with cancer it ignited a passion for digging deep to get to the root cause of his patients’ symptoms. He was recognized as one of the most experienced surgeons in the United States for his innovative surgical skills in the field of gynecology.

Burt was a kind, compassionate and selfless person to all he encountered. His character, ethics and diligence will remain exemplary in his field. His work colleagues and staff remember him as one who created a fun work environment while pursuing excellence and cutting-edge health concepts. Burt loved to teach and even with all of his knowledge and expertise, he had an undeniable passion to keep learning. His humor was unique and very dry. It kept everyone wondering.... is he serious or is he joking? Suffice it to say he was a lot of fun to be around.

Burt and his wife Terri cultivated an exuberant and purposeful life, full of fun, travel, friends, and family. His perfect night was having a dinner party at home, making his famous sangria and connecting all the people in his life. He loved his children with all of his heart and delighted in witnessing their lives and accomplishments. They will miss him dearly but have a lifetime of memories to cherish. He loved his helicopter ski trips, body surfing and searching for tribes in New Guinea with his friends. Burt is survived by his adored and adoring wife Terri, his children Christopher (Taylor), Nick, Andrew and Victoria, his mother Beverly Webb, sister Pam Webb Wiley (Joe) and his step-children Chase Stewart (Chelsea) and Brittany McCord (Grant) and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Our Commitment to Integrative Medicine: At the Dr. Burt Webb Legacy Fund for Integrative Medicine, we strive to uphold Dr. Burt Webb's vision for education and accessibility in the realm of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine, at its core, is an approach that combines conventional medical practices with evidence-based complementary therapies. It recognizes the unique aspects of each individual and aims to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health by incorporating practices such as mindfulness, managing hormones and personalized nutritional guidance.

Understanding Integrative Medicine: Integrative medicine emphasizes the partnership between healthcare practitioners and patients, recognizing the importance of empowering individuals to take an active role in their well-being. By considering the whole person and addressing the root causes of health issues, this approach goes beyond symptom management to promote long-term vitality. Through the Dr. Burt Webb Legacy Fund for Integrative Medicine, we aim to foster awareness and promote education to make integrative medicine more accessible to all, continuing Dr. Burt Webb's legacy of compassionate and comprehensive healthcare.