Who are the Desperados?

We are an informal group of renegade members and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the company of like-minded compatriots. Working closely with the Desert Mountain Club, we are vigilant about protecting, promoting and enhancing Desert Mountain’s hiking, biking and outdoor recreation experiences for the entire community.

We support local open space preservation, regional wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation for all our neighbors within the greater Desert Foothills community, including the 3,000,000-acre Tonto National Forest on our northern border.

In doing so, Desperados enjoy unique outdoor experiences that forge social relationships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What are dues used for?

Annual dues are used for map making, trail enhancements, signage, special projects, speakers, Interactive Trail Guide enhancements, t-shirts, regional philanthropy, and more.

For questions, suggestions, and more information or for getting involved, contact:

Bob Borsch, Troy Gillenwater, or Sharon Wong at: dmdesperados@gmail.com