Legacy Donors

The Arizona Community Foundation celebrates our Legacy Donors—generous individuals and families who have chosen to support the causes that matter to them through gifts that are planned today and will be realized beyond their lifetimes. Endowed gifts entrusted to ACF through a will or trust leave a lasting legacy that benefits both current and future generations.

Curt Adrian

Peter S. Fine and Rebecca Ailes-Fine

Robert W. and Shirley Eichten Albrecht Charitable Foundation

Eugene Galazan and Estherly Allen

Linda Farrer & Janet Allen

Lesley Alward

Warren and Carolynn Anderson

Jeff and Debbie Andrews

Luminous Antonio

Kenneth and Julia Appletree

Charles and Elizabeth Arnold

Jesse and Idonia Ary

Janice Ashby

Mary Kuzell Babbitt and Paul Babbitt

Michael Bacci

Laurie Back

Christopher and Dawn Bailey

John Baker

John and Marion Baker

Charles & Nancy Banks

Margie and Dave Beach

Tom Benson

Debra Bentlage

Ann-Marie Benz

Pete and Cathleen Bergmann

Harvey and Dawn Bershader

Berry A. Bertani

William Bickel

Nancy & Brian Biggs

Larry and Dori Blessing

Barbara Boehm

Bobbie Bollinger

Gary and Phylis Bolno

The Cerelle & Bill Bolon Endowment Fund

Pamela J. Bonner

Kathie and Fred Bordman

John N. Bour

Jeffrey Rezab & David Bowers

Richard and Benita Boyd

Marilyn Braun

Robert Braun

James Brewster

Kirk W. Conrado and David A. Brooks

Cindy and Myron Brower

Penny Sue Brown

Barbara C. Bruhn

Douglas Bunch

Jason and Janet Burgess

Stoney & Kimberley Burke

Emily Burns

Marilyn Callahan

Bill and Susan Cammock

Holli Ploog & Bert Campbell

Anita Capps

Ginger Carlson

Patricia Carmody

Deborah Carstens

George Childress

Nathaniel Chillis

Keith and Elaine Christian

Barbara Clarke

Shelley Cohn

W. David Connell

Denise & Ross Cooper

Donna J. Corcoran

Beverly Joan Soule and Mary Lou Crane

Jon Martinez & Cristine Crane

Patrick and Shirley Culliney

Richard and Sandra Cummings

Misha Curtis

Robert and Marcia Curtis

Mark D’Hondt

J. Michael and Margaret Daley

Diana Dalsass

Lisa A. Dancsok

Wilbert and Patricia Danesi

Denise and Sarah Dashew

Leslie Dashew

Jill and Jason Daunheimer

Andrew and Starla David

Jerry and Harryette David

BJ and Catherine Davis

Ellen and Craig Dean

Michael and Carol Dean

Edward Harrison and Carol Delahanty

Barry Denney

Kathleen Desmond

Susan A. Flint and John R. Dewane

Russell and Erika Dickey

Frank DiMichale

Mary Heiss and Harold Dorenbecher

Doug Downer

Sabina Marie Dunton

Anne Durning

J. Michael Dywan

Chris and Judy Earl

Roseann Ebert

Ann Ewen and Mark Edwards

Kristi and Dale Edwards

Tricia and Larry Egger

Diane Bonnie Golay-Eicher and David Eicher

Edward Eisele

Haley Ensley

Gregg and Lara Espin

The Muhl Family

Judith A. Ficeli

Michael and Kiar First

Lois Doerr & Robert Fiscella

Carolyn Fisher

Robert A. and Mary M. Flaisig

Lance & Jean Flanagan

James and Anita Fleming

Susan Flint

Craig Smith & Linda Fontana-Smith

Edward and Cecilia Ford

David and Virginia Foster

Dr. and Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr. Family Foundation

Carol Parry and John Fox

Terrie Frankel

Barry Froman

Carla Jane Williams Charitable Fund

Gabriel Living Trust

Dan Galloway

Bob & Pat Gaston

Gary and Rita Gay

Margaret C Geis

David and Melanie Ghiz

Stephanie Giesbrecht

Thomas F. Gilman

Russell Goble

Robert Cialdini and Bobette Gorden

John and Mary Gosule

Tom Gramatikas

Glen and Terri Grant

Erika and Roger Greaves

Doris Jean Green

James and Sandra Green

Donald and Kim Greene

Gayle E. Grigg

Gary and Connie Grube

Dora Gruber

Terry and Anne Guerrant

Joan Halford

Cliff and Katie Hamilton

Lila Harnett

Marilyn Harris

Bruce & Roxanne Haughey

Bernard and Susan Hay

Dane Hays

Steve Heit

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren and Jeannette Heitzman

Mari Hellriegel

Sharon Hendrix

Linda Herman

Danny J. Heuton and Janis L. Heuton

Peggy and Neil Hiller

Jerry Hirsch

Phil Dell Van Hise

Douglas and Sheila Hoffmeyer

Carole Hogan

Julie Holding

Bruce and Jane Hopkins

Thomas Howell and Alma Christine Vathis Howell

Lewis and Nancy Hoyt

Matthew and Sharon Huck

Robert F. Crawford, Jr. and Raymond K. Hucke

Steve and Leslie Hunt

Craig and Mary Hunter

Chris and Mary Huntley

Rose Hurley

Mel C. Reese III

Harriet Ivey

Joseph and Patricia Jansen

Carol Johnson

Dalene Johnson

Jerry and Roabie Johnson

Cherie Jones

Karen Justice

Darrel and Eugenie Juve

Dan Kammrath

Mary Trevor and Toni Kaus

Dick & Shari Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Michael and Vera Kelly

Melissa Kemp

Patricia Kenyon

Raymond Klein

Sheila Kloefkorn

Ed and Lisa Knight

Mary Ann and Gerald Kniss

Donna and Kirby Kongable

David E. Kopp

Mary Ellen Kress

Wolfgang and Hedy Kriegsman

Mary Krzysik

Susan and Mike Kucharo

Kimberly and Norm Kur

David Kurdeka

Carol and Troy Kurimsky

Mark and Rosie Lamberson

Kenneth and Dorthy Lamm

Arlen and Loretta Larson

Angela Leen

Warren G. Levenbaum

Martha Loy

Dave Lueth

Selmer Lutey

Carol Chamberlain and Kenneth Mabarak

Frank and Sue Maglietta

Daniel Mariani

Charles J Marr

The Marshall and Shergalis Family Fund

Julie Marsland

Alex & Amanda Maskovyak

Nancy and Clyde Matsui

Nancy L. Maurer

Marjorie and Sam McClanahan

Lori A. McClelland

Dennis McEvoy

Coyla and Byron McKean

Susan Schroeder and Gary McNaughton

Dr. James and Kathlene Meador

Marjorie Means

Ann and Matt Melsheimer

Joanna and John Michelich

Gloria E. Mihevc

William and Carol Miller

Angie Mitchell

Diana Atkins and Michael Mladejovsky

Kathleen Murphy

Bill and Maura Murto

Mary Naismith

Bala Natarajan

Douglas Clarence Nelson

Gail Newman

Frederick and Virginia Newnam

Kevin Kellogg and Peggy Nies

Dunbar and Mary Norton

George Nunes

Ms. Rita M. Skarbek and Ms. Mary Nystedt

Mary O’Hanlon

Steve and Jan O’Neill

Michael C. and Susan H. Oster

John Theodore & Pamela Sharpe Osterman Charitable Foundation

Jodi Padgett

Gina Palmisano

Brenda and Van Parson

Ashok and Rita Patel

Lance and Kristin Patterson

Peter H. Paulsen

Carol and Dennis Peck

Roger Peck

Dean Pedrotti

Roger O. Pelham & Marjorie S. Pelham

Lawrence Petta Memorial Foundation

Larry L. Pfeiffer

Paige Leister, Ph.D.

John and Mary Picken

Kevin Pitts

Dr. Rosemary Zimmerman & Dr. Rose Plough

Jay and Laura Plummer

Bernadette Polley

Manfred Poppe

George Puchall

Leslie Quenichet

Barbara Zugor and Steve Radvick

Terry D. & Victoria K. Randall

James and Cecelia Rappaport

Linda R. Recker

Lisa Rehurek

Toshiko Resh

Adrian Reznik

Suzanne Williams Richards

James and Doris Robak

Christine Robinson

Edward and Peggy Roman

Raymond Rondeau

Lawrence and Hilda Rosenblum

William and Carol Roskey

Catherine Roustan

Charlene Rule

Dr. Webster L. and Shirley B. Sage

Jay and Carol Sanger

Greg and Laurie Sapp

Cheryl Savoie

David and Lucy Schaack

Rosemary Schaefer

Linda Scheerer

Joe Schmidt

Drew Barringer and Clare Schneider

James Schroeder

Susan Scott

Morton and Arlene Scult

Bryan James Seegers

Diane Seeley

Steve Seleznow

James and Deborah Selland

Albert and Shirley Sellen

Stephen P. and Roberta “Bobbie” Shadle

HAS Shain

Faye A. Shaw and Doris J. Shaw

Faye and Doris Shaw

June Sherod

Eileen Sherrill

Ray Sigafoos

Don and A.J. Silseth

Tom Silverman

Pruett and Karen Small

Don and Laurie Smith

Judi and Robert Smith

Stephen and Eileen Smith

Verne and Mary Smith

Dianne Snook

Catherine Moore and Ed Southwell

Carol Standley

Larry Stark

Sheldon and Sylvia Sternberg

Dawn Nehls and Sylvia Stevens

Beverly Stevenson

Barbara Stewart

Elaine Stewart

Robert Stimming

Karen L. Strauch and Ernest C. Strauch, Jr.

Georgiana Swanson

Shoshana B. Tancer

Bruce Thoeny

Brinley Thomas

Charlotte Thomas

Gene and Cheri Thomas

Jim Tilley

Patrick De La Grange and Eric Timmons

Marc Kellenberger and Richard Tollefson

David Tracy and Janeen Trevillyan

Mollie C. Trivers

Avenhearth Trust

Curtis Family Trust

The Fleites Poll Trust

Walrath Family Trust

Hobert and Karen Tucker

Anthony and Leslie Turek

Roy and Cynthia Vallee

Laurie Vesco

Kerry and Joyce Vesper

Kerry Vesper and Joyce Vesper

Ed Schimweg and Jan Vessa

Bob and Emily Vincent

Frankie Ware

Margaret Joy Weaver

Julie K. Wechsler

John and Linda Werner

Richard B. West III and Pamela A. West

Helen Whatmough

Dona Lee Wheeler

Michael and Deborah Whitehurst

Boyd and Barbara Whitney

Barbara Wich

Earl Wilcox

Gerald and Glenys Wilson

Glenys Wilson

Valna Y. Wilson

Maurine and Warner Wise

Roma Broida Wittcoff

Diane and Robert Wolf

Carole and John Wooldrik

Gary Worob

Pat Yocum

Sharyn and Hank Yuloff

Mike & Traci Zenner

Kara Leta Zucker

Ronald D. Bowman and Stanley E. Zukowfsky

While we honor those named above, we also appreciate the gifts of those who wish to remain anonymous.

Become a legacy donor

You can leave a lasting legacy by establishing a named fund or giving to an existing ACF fund after your lifetime, ensuring a healthy future for your favorite causes and organizations.