ACF of Cochise

Since 1998, the Arizona Community Foundation of Cochise has supported local donors, community members, nonprofits, and students with the passion and expertise that drive effective, long-lasting impact.


Serving Southeast Arizona

This regional office focuses on mobilizing enduring philanthropy for those in southeast Arizona. We are staffed with people who reside in and are passionate for these communities. With back-office support from our central office, ACF of Cochise can focus on community building and local donor development.

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Support southeastern Arizona communities through a gift to one of our local funds.

Establish a Fund

One of the best ways to invest locally is to start a charitable fund. You can get started in as little as one meeting with Senior Regional Director Angie Laskarides.

One of the best ways to invest locally is to start a charitable fund. You can get started in as little as one meeting with Senior Regional Director Angie Laskarides.

Nonprofit Highlight

Naco Wellness Initiative

Established in 2004,

Naco Wellness Initiative provides medical and wellness services to benefit the minds and bodies of people with limited resources in Ambos Naco.

1.5 acre

Jardín Orgánico San José provides fresh vegetables to local families.

The Naco Wellness Initiative collaborates with bi-national healthcare providers that include both volunteer clinicians and paid Promotoras— trusted community members who empower their peers through public health education—while respecting and embracing the values and culture of local residents. Services extend beyond day-to-day medical healthcare and treatment and include community gardening, food distribution, health education, exercise classes, and social enterprise development.

The Cambia Tu Vida program, which translates as change your life, is a cornerstone of their disease prevention work and was funded in part by ACF of Cochise. A component of the program is the development of family and school garden projects that provide tools, seeds, irrigation, training, and supervision. This enables individuals to grow organic, fresh fruits and vegetables on their own property to feed their families and neighbors at a fraction of the cost of grocery store produce.

In 2020, Naco Wellness Initiative’s dedicated team transformed an empty lot in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Naco into a 1.5 acre community garden. Jardín Orgánico San José is a labor of love surrounded by a living native fence structure built from 16,800 stalks of ocotillo. Volunteers arrive around 6 a.m. to pick fresh produce from 19 varieties of nutritious vegetables. Before morning is over, squash, cucumbers, peppers, onions, green beans, and more are distributed to local families to fill their dinner tables.

Image: Naco Wellness volunteer Alma harvesting summer crops.

For Nonprofits

Grants are available year-round for nonprofits serving southeast Arizona.

Local Leadership

ACF of Cochise is guided by local community members who enhance our work.

Community Funds

Mountain range near Patagonia.


There are multiple giving options to support Patagonia and eastern Santa Cruz County. This community also offers an annual competitive grant cycle to fund local organizations.

mountains near Douglas


The Douglas Area Community Fund provides a permanent source of funding in support of youth programs, leadership development, and entrepreneurialism throughout the Douglas area.

Sunrise over a vineyard in Willcox.

Northern Cochise

Grants from the Northern Cochise Community Fund support youth, leadership, culture, and entrepreneurship in the geographic areas of Willcox, Bonita, Bowie, San Simon, Cochise, Dos Cabezas, Dragoon and Pearce/Sunsites.