Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy

Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy seeks to ignite the culture of Indigenous peoples to cultivate sacred, healthy communities while addressing root challenges—including the lack of capacity, preservation, and sustainability—with values woven into every approach.

Members of the Native American Initiative in Flagstaff.
Members of Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy gathered in Flagstaff for their 2022 strategic planning meeting.

Logo of ACF's Native American Initiative.

Who We Are

The mission of Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy is to advance equity, leadership, capacity, and social justice for Indigenous peoples.

Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy launched in 2016 when ACF Board Members Barbara Poley and Jacob Moore expressed the need for strategy to help strengthen the capacity of Indigenous-led 501(c)(3) organizations and tribal government entities that serve in a nonprofit capacity. A series of statewide listening sessions and practiced beliefs passed down from the cultures and elders of Arizona’s 22 federally recognized tribes informed the initiative's creation.

Today, Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy captures the wisdom, holistic values, and guidance from those closest to the work and is dedicated to serving the needs of Indigenous communities and Native peoples.

To learn more, please contact Kim Covington.