Gift Types

There are many options to choose from when giving through the Arizona Community Foundation. We welcome a variety of simple and complex assets as charitable giving options.

Acceptable Assets

Each of these gift types may be credited to an existing fund, used to establish a new named fund, or create a lasting legacy for the community when planned now and received after your lifetime.


The simplest gift to give. You can donate cash via check, ACH, or credit card.

Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

Receive a deduction for the full fair market value, and avoid paying tax on your capital gains. For gifts of closely-held stock, you receive a deduction for the appraised market value and avoid capital gains tax.

Real Estate

Receive a deduction for the appraised market value, and avoid paying tax on your capital gain if held for over 12 months.

Life Estate

Give your personal residence, ranch or farm as a gift, occupy the residence or land without disruption, and receive an income tax charitable deduction for the present value of the remainder interest.

Life Insurance Policies

Receive a current income tax deduction upon transfer of an existing policy to ACF or purchase of a new policy in ACF’s name. If premiums are due, receive additional tax deductions each year for contributions to an ACF fund in the amount of the premium, or simply make ACF the beneficiary. Naming ACF as a beneficiary of your policy upon your passing enables you to create a charitable legacy without invading cash and other assets designated for your heirs.

Retirement Account Assets

Double taxation on retirement plan withdrawals decreases their value for your heirs. Consider providing other assets to heirs and naming ACF as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts. You can save taxes and preserve your hard-earned assets for the good of your community.

Life Income Instruments

A charitable lead trust, charitable gift annuity, or several types of charitable remainder trusts create valuable options in estate planning by providing tax savings, a significant gift and income for either a charity or family members.