Our Funds

All funds of the Arizona Community Foundation are listed below, with the exception of those that have been opted out of publication.

Established in the past 365 days

Advised Funds

A&J Family Foundation

Addolorata Di Re’ Foundation

AF Anonymous Fund II

Albert & Shirley Sellen Foundation

Alice Catherine – A Halyard Robinson Family Foundation

Alissa Kincaid Memorial Fund

All for Love Charities

Allare Family Fund

American Association of University Women-East Mesa Branch Corporate Advised Fund

Anderman Family Charitable Fund

Andy & Carrie Schermuly Fund

Ankeney Family Charitable Fund

Ann and Matt Melsheimer Fund

Ann Ewen and Mark Edwards Charitable Fund

Anne & Bob Williams Mummy Mountain Memorial Trust

Anne P. & Robert A. Williams Jr. Fund

The Antrim Family Charitable Fund

APS Endowment Fund for the West Valley

APS West Valley Spendable Fund

Arete Fund

Arizona Buuck Family Fund

Arizona Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Fund

Arizona Coyotes Foundation

Arizona MultiBank Legacy Fund- Stock

Armstrong Family Foundation

Arthea J. China Fund

The Ashok & Rita Patel Family Fund

The Ashok & Rita Patel Legacy Fund


The Austin Foundation

Babby Family Fund

Barklee Fund

The Barry & Ellen Goldstein Fund for Canine Health and Welfare

Be Memorable Foundation

Becky and Doug Pruitt Family Fund

Bellemare Donor Advised Fund

Berkner Family Fund

Best Western for a Better World – Better World Fund

Best Western for a Better World – Kiva Microfinance Fund

The Bidwill Family Foundation

Bieber Family Foundation

Bill and Carol Alexander Fund

Bill and Gail Reisinger Charitable Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Inc. Fund

BOK Financial Arizona

Bowe Foundation

Bowman-Zukowfsky Fund

Brad McRae Fellowship for Innovation in Conservation Fund

The Braun Family Foundation

Brian Olsen Addiction Treatment Fund

Brian Thomas White Fund

Brooks Maschmeier Foundation

Brown Family Fund for Arizona’s Future

Bruggeman Family Fund

Bryant Pickering Family Trust Fund

Butler Family Fund

Byron and Coyladene McKean Charitable Fund

C.Lee and Barbara C. Johnson Fund

The Cagnolatti Daniels Family Foundation

Cahill Foundation

The Camelot Foundation

Cameo Foundation

Campbell-Edwards Foundation

The Can-Do Fund

Cannonbone Ranch Fund

Carol & John Fox Fund

Caroline McGroder Fund

Carstens Family Funds

Case Family Charitable Fund

Challenge Youth Fund

Charles and Pamela Henderson Foundation

The Charlotte’s Way Fund

The Chavez-Bisch Family Foundation

Chester Family Trust

Christine Ostwinkle Foundation for Lupus

Christopher D. Saunders Fund

Chuck O. Lee & Ruth C. Lee Charitable Trust

CJ Getz Charitable Fund

Claude & Dorothy Allison Foundation

Clemons Charitable Fund

Colbert Charitable Fund

Cole & Joan Cunningham Fund

Coleman Family Charitable Foundation

Colliers AZ Cares

Cordier Kulfan Charitable Fund

The Corley-Essex Foundation

The Covington Grant Family Foundation

Cultural Exchange World-Wide

D Squared Foundation

D. Ronald & Joan G. Yagoda Fund

Dahmen Family Foundation

Dan and Kathy Grubb Family Foundation

Dancsok Fund

Daniel R. Ortega Jr. Fund

Dare to Care Fund

Darlene Jackson Endowment Fund

Daryl G. & Louis A. Weil III Charitable Fund

David and Melanie Ghiz Charitable Trust

David E. Reese Family Fund

David P. & J. Warren Lueth Brothers Foundation

Day Family Foundation

The de la Melena Family Charitable Fund

DeBusk Family Making Smiles Foundation

Denise & Robert Delgado Family Fund

Denise C. and Paul E. Johnson Foundation

Denison Kitchel & Naomi Douglas Kitchel Advised Fund

Denney Foundation

The Dennis & Mary Wise Charitable Fund

Dennis K. Dang Fund

DeTommaso Family Foundation

Diana Gregory Foundation

The Diane & Gary Tooker Family Charitable Fund

Diane L. Howard Charitable Foundation

Dietrich Family Fund

Dilly Dally Fund

Doctor & Rakers Charitable Fund

Doing Some Good

Don & Sue Powell Foundation

Doorway Fund

Dr. Burt Webb Legacy Fund for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Warren H. Stewart Sr. & Karen E. Stewart Family Foundation

The Drayton Group Fund

Dreamwood Charitable Fund

Ed and Karen Morabito Fund

Edmond & Gloria Baker Foundation

Edward A. White Family Foundation

Edward B. Burr Foundation Fund

The Edwards Family Foundation

Edwards Family Fund

Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust

The Ehrler, Compas, Turner Families Fund

Elaine and Richard Morrison Donor Advised Fund

Elizabeth H. Scrivner Fund

Elizabeth McGroder Fund

Elsie A. Brodkin Fund

Erhart Foundation

Erma Bombeck Memorial Fund

Esque Family Fund

Eternal Now Fund

Evan’s Family Assistance Fund

Evans Family Foundation

Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund

Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund/Dan L. Grubb

Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund/John S. Grubb

Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund/Nancy C. Grubb

Evelyn and Lou Grubb Community Fund

Everett & Elaine Warner Fund

Every Kid Plays Foundation

Feeney Family Charities

Fine Family Fund

For the Love of Conor Foundation

For Those Without A Voice

Forman Family Foundation

Foundation for Financial Literacy

Fox Family Foundation

Frazier Fund

Friends of Karen Fund

FTP Charitable Fund

G.R.O.W BillHout Foundation

The Gagnon Charitable Trust

Gainey Family Fund

Gary Oden Foundation

Geneva Fund

Gill Family Foundation

The Gilman Family Charitable Foundation

Global Education Initiative Fund

GMJ Legacy Fund

God’s Blessings Fund

Goddard Family Fund

The Goshkarian Foundation

The Grace Campbell Foundation

Gresham Family Foundation

Grubb Fund for ABC Youth

Grubb Fund for Papago Lou Grubb Clubhouse

The Guernsey Family Fund

Guerrant Foundation

Gupta Family Foundation

Gyder Family Fund

H and Patti G Foundation

Hair Family Fund

Hale and Sally Irwin Foundation

The Hannah K. and Evan R. Brown Family Fund

Harkins Family Foundation

The Harper Fund

Harrison Family Fund

Harry & Dena Emden Memorial Fund

Harry C. & Jean I. Snyder Family Fund

Harry J. Lazarus Family Fund

The Harryette and Jerry David Family Foundation Fund

The Harvard Investments Paul & Carol Hill Foundation

Hawk-Kuhl Family Charitable Fund

Heidi D. Jannenga Fund

Hilby Family Fund

Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona

Holbrook Pyle Foundation

The Holland Family Fund

The Homosexual Fund for Human Happiness

Honey Pot Fund

Hudson Fund for Good

Huycke Family Charitable Fund

I Love Lucy Fund

Illumination Fund

Ingebritson Family Foundation Advised Fund

Inspiration Fund by Betty L. and John O. Whiteman

Ironwood Foundation

J & P Chamberlain Fund

J. Michael Dywan Charitable Fund

J4B Fund

Jake & Marivic Foundation


The James & Jean Meenaghan Charitable Fund

James P. & Donna T. Piscopo Charitable Fund

Jane Starke Boyd and Alexander Boyd Arizona Charitable Foundation

Jarysa Charitable Fund

Jean and Betty Fairfax Memorial Fund

Jeff & Debbie Andrews Fund

The Jeff & Michelle Sanders Fund

Joan New Endowment Fund

Joanie Flatt Family Foundation

Joanne Thyken and Sylvia (Thyken) DeBusk Foundation

Joc Rawls Charitable Foundation

Joe & Marmee Medalie Family Foundation

Joe and Audrie Garagiola Foundation

Joebarski Animal Welfare Fund

John & Carey Sigler Charitable Fund

John & Ethel Hughes Fund

John & Gail M. Hull Foundation

John & Joan Murphy Family Foundation

John and Erin Gogolak Fund

John and Hermine Ruddock Charitable Fund

John G. & Carolyn W. Stuart Fund

John G. Sperling Fund

John M. Marks Advised Fund

Jon and Annette Olson Charitable Foundation

Joseph Marion Taylor Family Fund

Joshua’s Hope Fund

Joye Walker Broderick Fund

The Kaehr Family Fund

Kafer-Gordon Family Fund

Kathleen O’Brien/Bruce Mosby Fund

KB Stoll Family Fund

Kearney Family Foundation

Kenneth & Diana Gometz Fund

Kern W. Schumacher Charitable Foundation

Kerrick/Rousseau Charitable Fund

Kevin and Meg Hickey Family Fund

Kids2Camp Fund

Kimberly and Norm Kur Charitable Fund

Kitchel Family Foundation

Kitchell Foundation

Kristen Nieves Memorial Fund

Krumwiede Lewis Family Foundation

Kuhle Family Foundation

The Larry & Dori Blessing Family Fund

Larry D. Tomaw Piano Study Memorial Fund

Larry W. Rogers Family Fund

Larson Giving Fund

Lau and Tsui Donor Advised Fund

Lavinia Family Legacy Foundation

Lawrence J. Brecker Family Foundation

Leezie Kim and Gary Restaino Charitable Fund

Leibsohn Family Fund

LeRoy Thon & Ruth V. Thon Advised Fund

Let Roxy Do It Fund

Lewis D. Ghiz Family Charity Fund

Linda Pomeroy Vaughan Fund

Lisa A. Wright Fund

The Littoral Fund CDC

Lodestar Foundation Fund

Lois & Howard Emden Family Fund

Lora’s Family Foundation

Lorraine Broerman Memorial Fund

The Love Endowment

The Love Fund

Lucas Henry Walter Foundation

Lucking Family Fund

Magalnick Family Foundation

Make Your ! Legacy Fund

Mariano & Catherine Sanito Fund

Marissa Theisen Family Fund

Mariucci Family Fund

Mark and Diana Feldman Fund

Mark R. Lyon and Daniel B. Cisneros Fund

Mary and Steven Ortega Family Foundation

Mary Dixon and Scott Goldthwaite Foundation

Matsui Charitable Asset For Education

McCutcheon/Dougherty Historical Preservation Fund

McDaniel Family Foundation

The McDonald-Marvelle Family Fund

MCIDA Donor Advised

McKeever Family Foundation

McMiles Donor Advised Fund

Mellor Family Fund

MERI Foundation

Messinger Mortuary Charitable Foundation

The Micaiah E. Thomas Memorial Fund

Michael and Angela Markham Foundation

Michael and Dawn Kennedy Family Fund

Michael Geddes Fund

Michael P. Goodman Foundation

Michael Passey Memorial Fund


Mildred Jeanine and Peter Starrett Community Fund

Morrison Elliott Warren Memorial Fund

MRG Impact Fund

Murray & Dottie Goodman Family Foundation

Murray Family Fund

My Charitable Trust

Myers Family Charitable Fund

Nancy & Don Alpert Fund

Nationwide Vision Kids Foundation

Ned and Elaine Clouser Charitable Fund

NexMetro Philanthropic Fund

The Nicholas Meath Angel Fund

Nick & Kelly Children’s Heart Fund

Nicola and Mark Johnston Fund

Nilsen Family Fund

The Norcutt Donor Advised Fund

Nord Family Fund

Norval O. Tyler Fund

O’Brien Family Fund

Obrzut Ling DAF

One Generation Foundation

The Overland Fund

Palais Charitable Foundation

Pam Del Duca Foundation

The Parker Family Fund

The Pastoral Care Fund

Pat & Susan Stevens Family Fund

Patel Donor Advised Fund

Patrick J. McGroder III Charitable Foundation

Patrick J. McGroder IV Foundation

Patti Parsons Foundation

Peace of C.A.K.E. Fund

Pederson Posse II

Peggy’s Arizona Flower Fund

People Saving Pets/Dr. & Mrs. Merrill & Mary Chernov Fund

Pete and Cathleen Bergmann Charitable Fund

Peter and Diana Paulsen Foundation

The Petunia Fund

Phoenix Angel of Hope Fund

Phoenix Public Safety Employees Foundation

Porter Womack Fund

Post Family Fund

Prairie Rain Fund

Pruitt Life Insurance Policy

Public Service Advancement Fund

Rae Dawn Alexander Fund

Rafi & Zohreh Fund

Raquel Piekarski Fund

Raub Family Support Fund

Ray & Val Sachs Family Fund

The Red & Alva Foundation

Redman Family Fund

Reed Fund

Reiter Fund

Renee & Gordon Hornbaker Foundation

Repta Charitable Foundation

Rethore Family Fund

The Rich Dad Foundation

Richard & Linda Warren Charitable Fund

The Richard A. Odom Family Foundation

The Rick Lee Charitable Fund

Rifkin-Levy Endowment Fund

RMBHS Foundation

The Rob & Jill Muth Family Fund

Robert & Barbara Crist Foundation Fund

Robert & Naomi Waldman Foundation

Robert & Rochelle Plous Family Foundation

Robert B. Jannenga Charitable Trust

Robert B. Leff & Janice M. Leff Fund

Robert Cialdini and Bobette Gorden Family Foundation

Robert D. Johnson Foundation

Robert W. Braun Foundation

Robinson Family Foundation


Roden Foundation Fund

Roger & Vicki Marce Fund

Ron and Linda McClure Foundation

Ross & Denise Cooper Charitable Fund

Rossmoor Fund

Ruamie Fund

Russ and Erika Dickey Charitable Fund

Ryan Hanson Memorial Fund

SAFE Arizona

Sally A. Hough Family Fund

The Sally Foundation

Sally Meyerhoff Foundation

Sanders Stephens Fund

Sandra Arena & Mary Fennemore Arena Fund

Sandra Day O’Connor Charitable Fund

Sandwill Fund

Sandys Fund

Schouten Family Fund

Schueller Legacy Foundation

Schwallie Family Fund

Seaman Family Charitable Fund

Seek First The Kingdom Charitable Fund

Seiden Family Foundation

Seldin Family Advised Fund

Shah Charitable Foundation

Shane and Andrea Doan Fund

Sheila Kloefkorn Equality Fund

Shoshana B. Tancer Survivor’s Trust Fund

Shurtz Family Fund

Silvernail Family Trust

Simoncic’s Opportunities for Arts and Robotics (SOAR)

SMW Fund For Philanthropic Impact

Snell & Wilmer Foundation Fund

Speaker Family Fund

The Spirit of Giving Fund

SSHWBarber Family Fund

Stanley P. and Helen J. Hutchison Fund

Stephanie Anne Cashin Memorial Foundation

Stephanie La Loggia Charitable Fund

Stephen & Denise Zabilski Fund

Stephen C. Johnson Family Foundation Fund

Steve & Chris Warsaw Foundation

Steve and Judy Conrad Fund

Steve Pascente Charitable Foundation

Stevens Family Fund

STIVALA Family Fund

Stocks Family Foundation

Stoll-Huss Family Charitable Fund

The Sullivan Family Charitable Fund

Sundheimer Family Fund

The Susan & Ronald Starkman Family Fund

Susan Hahne McGroder Fund

Susan Sigler Donor Fund

Suzanne T. & Donald C. Williams Fund

Suzy Van Sickle Fund

Sydney & Mike Dye Foundation

The Synchronicity Fund

Synergize Charitable Fund

Tammy D. McLeod Community Fund

Tanner-Wylie Family Foundation

Tarbox Arizona Fund

Tashman Fund

Taylor Seleznow Charitable Fund

Terry and Darren Hurst Legacy Foundation

Terry Pilon Girls Sports Memorial Fund

Tex Earnhardt Foundation

Thomas E. Sunderland Fund

Thomas F. Tobin Foundation

The Thomas Foundation

Thomas J. Hughes Family Fund

Thomas J. Pappas Foundation Fund

The Thomas Linn Memorial Fund aka The “Make It Rain” Fund

Thunderbird Endowment Fund

Tierra Amour Fund

Todd and Desiree Gosselink Fund

The Todd Thomas Foundation

The Tollefson/Kellenberger Trust

Tony & Milena Astorga Foundation

Triple “R” Foundation

Truax Charitable Giving Fund

Tyler Hugon Memorial Fund

VanBockern Dean Family Foundation

Vaughn Family Fund

Vermaland Charitable Foundation

The Vicens Poneglyph Fund

Vogel Family Charitable Fund

The Wade Charitable Fund

Waldman Memorial Fund

Warfam Fund

Wayne & Lucia Howard Family Fund

WebPT Foundation

The Welborn Family Fund

West Family Foundation

Whitfield Anderson Family Fund

Wiegand Charitable Fund

William & Sondra Myers Fund

William and Candace Ruland Fund

William R. Coulter Fund

William R. Silver Charitable Fund

Wilson Brown’s Point Foundation

Wolf Family Charitable Fund

Youth Angels – Erika & Roger Greaves Foundation

Zachar Family Charitable Lead Trust

Collaborative Funds

African American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle

African American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle Endowment Fund

AGF Early Childhood Funders Collaborative

AOS Foundation

Arizona Athletic Trainers Initiative

Arizona College Access Network Fund

Arizona Equal Justice Foundation

Arizona Equal Justice Foundation Endowed Collaborative Fund

Arizona Firefighters Collaborative Fund

Arizona Horse Lover’s Foundation

Arizona Housing Fund

Arizona Institute for Education and the Economy

Arizona Loans for Assistive Technology

Arizona MultiBank Legacy Fund- Spendable

Arizona Multibank Legacy Fund-Endowed

Arizona State Fair Foundation Fund

Arizona Together for Impact Fund

Arizona Undocumented Workers Relief Fund

Asian American Women’s Giving Circle

Asian American Women’s Giving Circle Endowment

Be the Remedy

Black Legacy Endowed Fund

Black Philanthropy Initiative Endowment Fund

Black Philanthropy Initiative Fund

BPI – Capacity Building Fund


BPI Education Fund

BPI Social Justice Sub-Fund

Cable ONE Associate Assistance Fund

Chinese American Foundation of Arizona Fund

Collective Impact for Child Safety and Well Being

Cox Charities – Directional Fund

Cox Charities – Employee Giving Fund

Diane Walker Fellowship Fund

EFA/CFA Collaborative Fund


Extraordinary Educators License Plate Fund

Eyes On Learning Fund

Hassan Abdul-Kareem Foundation Fund

The Jamir and Racquel Miller Family Foundation

Jerry’s Charities Fund

The Keppel Foundation

Kitchell Foundation – Employee Advised Fund

Kitchell’s People of Color Fund

Latinas in Philanthropy & Service

Lee’s Ferry Monument Fund

Lou Grubb Friends Fore Golf Fund

Love for Lokomotiv

Maravilla Education Fund

Next Generation Philanthropists

ONE Community Foundation

Phoenix Country Club Foundation

Phoenix IDA Collaborative Fund

Phoenix Latino Cultural Center Fund

Promises for Hope Fund

Read On Arizona Collaborative Fund

Real Engagement Through Active Philanthropy (REAP)

REAP Endowment Fund

Season for Sharing

Social Venture Partners Arizona

Social Venture Partners Arizona 2

Sports Fund of Arizona

Sports Philanthropy League

Students Engaged in Ethical Donations Fund (SEED)

Summer Youth Program Fund

Sustained Operations Fund

TGen Concussion Research Fund

United Art of Arizona

Valley Partnership Charitable Fund

Wallace and Ladmo Foundation

Youth Angels – Erika and Roger Greaves Collaborative Fund

Designated Funds

AAUW East Mesa (AZ) – Violet H. Norbert H. Larney Endowment

ABC Designated Fund

Ability 360 Reese Endowment Fund

AFW Dr. Susan Thrasher Endowment Fund

Anderman Family Designated Fund

Andrew L. & Agnes L. Hopper Charitable Fund

Andy and Della May Anderson Fund

Ann and Vic Imel Friends for Life Animal Rescue Fund

Ann M. Chmelik Fund

Anne Maureen Hanna Designated Fund

Anne Maureen Hanna Scholarship Fund

Ardele H. Sweeney Charitable Fund

Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network Designated Fund

Arizona ArtShare Fund

Arizona Indian Centers Designated Fund

Arizona Nurses Foundation Designated Fund

Arizona School Health Care Designated Fund

Arizona Science Center

Arthur Ivener Perpetual Charitable Fund

Barbara Ingle Endowment Fund

Be A Leader Foundation Fund

Bead Museum Fund

Bigelow Foundation

Bill and Mary Schoedinger Fund

Bill Desmond Writing Fellowship Fund

Blair – Howell Memorial Designated Fund

Blake and Mildred Messimer Fund

Bradley Hanson Memorial Designated Fund

Brit LeCompte Designated Fund

C. R. Krimminger Fund

Carol and Clifford Harris Charitable Fund

Carroll M. & Beulah R. Whitcher Fund

The Chalmers Charitable Designated Fund

Chamber Music West

Charles & Ruth Stone Charitable Fund

Chevalier Fund

Chicanos Por La Causa Community Development Designated Fund

Civil Air Patrol Arizona Wing Youth Development Fund

Clark Charitable Fund

Clelland Charitable Fund

Dare to Care RRBM Fund

The Denny Fund for the Phx Symphony Assoc. in Memory of Edith Litchfield Denny

Desert Botanical Garden

Designated Fund to Benefit the Sonoran Arts League

Doris J. Shaw and Faye A. Shaw Fund

Douglas S. Alexander Family Foundation

Dr. H. Rafi-Zadeh Endowment Fund for Rosie’s House

Dr. H. Rafi-Zadeh Endowment Fund for the Arizona Humane Society

Dr. Webster L. and Shirley B. Sage Foundation

Early Childhood Scholarship Fund

Early Childhood Scholarship SubFund

Eberhart Fund for the West Valley Symphony

Eleanor B. Rosser Designated Fund

Elias & Gloria P. Paul Fund

Ernest & Evelyn Sauer Charitable Fund

Esther Miller Memorial Fund

Eugenie Radney SENG Fund

Everett Warner Fund for Interfaith Cooperative Ministries

Family Ball Foundation

Fountain Hills Community Foundation Designated Fund

Frank N. & Evelyn S. Sanich Endowment Fund

Frankel Trust to Empower Jewish Youth Designated Fund

Fred Runnels Padgett Charitable Foundation

Friends of Chandler Public Library Designated Fund

G. Clark & Pamela Bean Fund

Gail Yates Fund for Junior Achievement

George & Rose Puchall Charitable Fund

George A. Pfanz & Anna E. Pfanz Fund

Gertrud J. Moody Faith Presbyterian Church Fund

Ginny Clark HLAA-AZ Fund

Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-Pine Council/Restricted Fund

Glen E. and Patricia L. Moore Fund

God’s Gift Fund

The Grapple Fund

Gretchen Frazier Fund

Heidi’s Village Endowment Fund

Helena Harvey Fund

Helene P. Gilchrist Endowment

Helping Get Youth Educated

The Herberger Theatre Center Designated Fund

Hugh E. Hughes Legacy Foundation

Ira & Mildred Mitchell Foundation

J. E. Donald Hastie Fund

J. Patrick McCarthy Charitable Fund

J. William Boyce and Marilyn W. Boyce Charitable Fund

The Jack & Phyllis French Foundation

James & Eileen Tait Fund

James E. Wallin and Myrtle Wallin Endowment Fund

Jessie Smith Noyes Memorial Fund

Joanne Caudill Designated Fund

Joe Larson Fund

John & Leona Alden Fund

Jones Fund for Public Broadcasting Radio Service

Jones Fund for the Union of Concerned Scientists

Jones Fund for Wheels of Humanity

Joseph S. Lentz & Mary Trigg Lentz Fund

Judy Zuccala Fund

Julia Carpenter Tumalty Memorial Fund

Just B Cause Fund

Kax Herberger Fund for Talented Children

Kax Herberger Rosie’s House Designated Fund

Kiwanis Club of Tempe Foundation

Kress Family Foundation

LaDonna Merkel Fund for Helping Hands for the Homeless

Landers Designated Fund

The Lawrence H. Wolinsky and Roberta H. Wolinsky Fund

Lee & Florence Hines Advised Fund

Leopold Schepp Memorial Fund

Lila Harnett Fund in Support of ArtTable

Linda Haskell Memorial Fund

Lonnie & Muhammad Ali Fund

Lucile B. Kaufman Fund

Lynne Davenport Charitable Fund

Lynne P.H. Power for Stephen’s County Humane Society

Margaret Keller Designated Fund

Maricopa Medical Center Auxiliary Burn & Trauma Campership Fund

Mary S. Johnson Fund

Master Apprentice Programs Fund

Men’s Arts Council Exhibition Fund

Merald W. “Buzz” & Sue Jones Fund

MERI Foundation Land Conservancy Fund

Micel Family Fund

Michael F. Zunick Endowment Fund

Michael L. Howell Memorial Endowment Est by Gordon L. Howell & Dorothy F. Howell

Mitchell David Hope and Healing Fund

Neighborhood Ministries Designated Fund

Notre Dame High School/Novis Schmitz Foundation Designated Fund

Opal J. Hughes Designated Fund

Parents Anonymous of Arizona Designated Fund

Paul D. & Esther N. Erwin Fund

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Museum of History

Phoenix Zoo

Planned Parenthood – AZ Reese Endowment Fund

Rancho Feliz Colegio Anais Scholarship – Reese Designated Fund

Rancho Feliz Continuing Operations Fund

Rancho Feliz Endowed Fund for the Children of Aqua Prieta

Reiss Family Foundation

Richard A. Reber Fund

Richard H. & Alice R. McMurry Fund

Richard O. Kern Fund

Roger and Ann Edwards Fund

Rozanne Peck Season for Sharing Designated Fund

Ruth Barker Designated Fund for the Arizona Opera

Ruth Kaspar Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Scottsdale Artists School

Ruth L. Daehler Charitable Fund

The Sally Foundation Designated Fund

Scottsdale Railroad Designated Fund

Sharon V. King Fund

Shattuck Family Foundation

Shirley G. Provo Trust Fund

Shirley Murley Memorial Fund

Silver Shield Endowment Fund for St. Mary’s Food Bank

Southwest Human Development Children’s Designated Fund

Special Olympics Arizona Designated Fund

Spence Family Designated Fund

St. Mary’s Food Bank

Starbuck/Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Starbuck/St. Mary’s Food Bank

Sun Cities Symphony Orchestra

Susan Julia Ross Fund

Sylvia Chase Research Fund

Thomas F. Tobin CCF Designated Fund

Thomas F. Tobin Designated Fund

Thomas Family Special Purpose Fund

Tostan Reese Fistula Fund

Valley of the Sun United Way Designated Fund

Valley of the Sun United Way-Paul Vermes Estate Fund

Vivian Arnao & Family Foundation

Wadleigh Scholars Program Reese Endowment Fund

Walter McGinnis III Charitable Fund

William J. & Julia K. Czapor Trust

Wilma M. Howell Memorial Fund

Yavapai Exceptional Industries Reese Endowment Fund

Zoo Reach Scholarships

Field of Interest Funds

A. Cherne Foundation Fund for Children

A. Wallace Denny Fund for Music Education

ACF Eleanor Rosser Early Education Fund

Adam Osband Pullo Foundation

American Greyhound Race for Children

Anne Maureen Hanna Field of Interest Fund

APS Fund for Rural Development

The Arizona Children’s Trust Fund

Arizona Early Education Endowment Fund

Arizona Early Education Fund

Arizona First Advised Foster Youth College Success Fund

The Art & Betsy Grandlich Foundation for Animals

Arthur Ivener Fund for Cancer Prevention & Research

Athletes for Arizona

B & L Fund for the Arts

Benjamin F. Youngker, Sr. & Martha Jane Youngker Wildlife and Conservation Fund

Benjamin W. & Pauline J. Power Fund

Betty & Herbert Carnes Fund

Betty Carnes Endowment Fund

Betty Power Fund

Brit LeCompte Alzheimer’s Research Fund

C. Edward Youngman Fund

Calligaro Fund for Children & Elderly

Charles Steiner Memorial Fund

The Cohn Financial Group, Inc. Fund for Community Development

Cohn Fund for Arts & Culture

Colette & Charles B. McGarvie Charitable Fund

Deborah Whitehurst Fund for the Arts

The Dorothy Gustafson Fund for Pima County

Dorothy H. Ayres Fund

Douglas & Margaret Goodlund Fund

Douglas P. Holloway and William M. Passmore Trust

Dr. William C. Brandon Foundation

Eleanor A. Gensemer Children’s Health Fund

Eleanor B. Rosser Field of Interest Fund

Elizabeth P. Meyer Memorial Fund

The Ellie and Howard Menzel Fund

Ellis Education Fund

Elsa Klock Fund for At Risk Youth

Ernest V. Athos Fund

Eugene Fuller Fund for Mental Health

Eugene Fuller Trust for Children

Ferne L. Jordan Fund

Fredrica Jean Paddock Fund

Fund for Social Justice

Fund for Social Justice (Beverly Konik)

Fund for the Homeless

Gary Dean Dietrich Memorial Fund

George & Virginia Marco Fund

The Gerald Rosenbluth Family Fund

Gertrude Friedman Fund for Children

The Gladys Falvey Fund

Globe Fund for Children

God’s Work

Golden Fund

Hal & Jean Grossman Foundation

Hall Fund for Open Space Preservation & Urban Beautification

Hank & Barbara Pickrell Fund

Harry & Eunice Caspers Fund

The Harvey C. Dietrich Fund

Helen B. Cash Fund for the Elderly

Helen Dyar King Fund

Helen Joanne Hamer Fund

Helen Vincent Fund for Crippled Children

Hildene Lazarus Education Fund

J. William Boyce and Marilyn W. Boyce Children’s Education Fund

Jack Findlay Doyle, II Charitable Fund

Janeen R Barber Fund

Janford Fund

Jennifer Diane Collins Memorial FOI Fund

Joe R. Ballard Fund

John & Delys Ellis Fund

Jones Fund for Spinal Cord Injuries

Jones Fund for the Terminally Ill

Joseph Michael Bongiorno Fund

Keith Power Fund

Kent & Joyce Power Fund

Latinos Unidos

Laura J. Sleizer Fund

Lewis E. & Irene S. Glezen Charitable Fund

Lloyd Young Charitable Fund

Lynne P. Power Fund

Male Education for Non-Violence Fund

Margaret T. Francis Fund

Mary Kathleen Collins FOI Fund

Mary M. Ausman Fund

Max A. Springer & Clara E. Springer Fund for Children

Maxlee Foundation

McKesson Children’s Fund

Michael Goodwin Fund

Mildred Toedebusch Fund

Minnie M. Ross Fund

Morton & Arlene Scult Family Foundation

MVP Foundation FOI Fund

Myron R. Pexton & Ieleen S. Pexton Fund

Naomi Craig Fund

Novis Schmitz Foundation Field of Interest Fund

Philip L. Bondy Memorial Fund

The Piper Fund for Children

Raymond Huger Fund for Mental Health

Reese Strategic Opportunities Fund

The Robert & Helene Burrows Fund

Robert L. & Aleene M. Adams Children’s Fund

Robert M. Greening and Marcella Greening Fund

Robert T. Wilson Children’s Fund

Rosenzweig Arts Fund

Rural Development Fund

Scott James Wallin Endowment Fund

St. Arnault Fund

Stanley & Eleanor Bryant Fund for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Torgny Foundation for AIDS Research

Victor and Katherine Piccoli Endowment Fund

Walter Davis Drug Education & Rehabilitation Fund

Wilbur & Frances Power Fund

The Wortz Family Fund for Early Childhood Development

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

The Apollo Foundation

Economic Opportunity Funders 2

First Serve Tennis Foundation

Healthy Future US

Kiwanis Playground Equipment

Project 34 Fund

Redeemer Outreach Foundation

Skate After School

Funds for the Common good

Alan & Irene Weinberg Discretionary Fund

Anonymous M. B. Fund

Anonymous N.P. Fund

Bernardine Hall Fund

Charles & Allyne Dubois Fund

Charlotte W. Morean Family Fund

Daniel and Julia McBride Unrestricted Fund

Deupree Family Fund

Dorothy W. Bayley Fund

Evelyn Smith & Dorothy Jimerson Trust

Frances J. & David J. Hayeman Fund

Fred A. Scribner Discretionary Fund

Genevieve Beketa Trust

George A. Fear Fund

Gertrude S. Friedman Fund for the Common Good

Gisela S. Ludlow Fund

Gordon C. Tunstall Fund

Helen F. Schwartz Fund

Herman & Florita Evans Fund

Hilda L. Clint Fund

The James and Dorothy Cathcart Fund

Jean Eisinger Fund

Julian L. Henry, Jr. Fund

Keith E. Heilman Fund

Koning Family Fund

Lee E. Warren Discretionary Fund

Linda & Richard Whitney Fund

Luther C. Dilatush Fund

Manhoff Foundation Fund

Mays Family Fund

The Meridian Fund for the Common Good

Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts

Theodore and Phyllis Edwards Charitable Fund

Paul M. & Gladys M. Burroway Fund

Philip & Barbara Von Ammon Unrestricted Fund

Phoebe Pfeiffer Mercer Memorial Fund

Phoenix Welfare Foundation

Price Family Fund

Ralph Penn Fund

Raymond L. & Dorothy W. Crosson Fund

Raymond V. & Ann V. Walling Fund

Richard H. Whitney Fund for the Common Good

Richard H. Whitney Fund for the Common Good – Endowed

The Richard W. Hancock & Deedie Wrigley Hancock Endowment Fund

Robert L. Beal Memorial Fund

Ruth and Hartley Barker Fund

Scott L. & Eleanor W. Libby Fund

Shannon Bogle Douds Fund

William & Helen G. Defiel Fund

Nonprofit Funds

100 Club of Arizona

1n10 Endowment Fund

1n10 LGBTQ Youth Nonprofit Fund

ABC Endowment Fund

Ability360 Board Designated Fund

Ability360 Long Term Endowment

ACBVI Reserve Fund

ACLU Foundation of Arizona

Agua Fria Foundation Endowment Fund

Agua Fria Foundation Grant-Scholarship Fund

Al Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund

All Saint’s Close Fund

All Saints Episcopal Church Music Legacy Fund

All Saints Episcopal Church St. John’s Bible Fund

All Saints’ Episcopal Church Endowment Fund

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School Endowment

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Reserve Fund

The American Dream Fund

Arizona Agricultural Education Board Designated/FFA Foundation

Arizona Agricultural Education/FFA Foundation

Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) Endowment Fund

Arizona Bach Festival Legacy Fund

Arizona Forward Fund for a Sustainable Future

Arizona Foundation for the Future of Nursing

Arizona Humanities Reserve Fund

Arizona Interfaith Movement Golden Rule Endowment Fund

Arizona Latino Media Association Endowment Fund

Arizona Latino Media Association Reserve Fund

Arizona Musicfest Endowment Fund

Arizona National Livestock Show Endowment

Arizona National Scholarship Fund

Arizona Opera Endowment Fund

Arizona Opera Subfund: Pullin Opera Studio

Arizona Route 66 Fund

Arizona School Health Care

Arizona’s Children Foundation Endowment Fund

Asian Corporate and Entrepreneur Leaders Fund

Asian Pacific Community in Action Reserve Fund

Bailey (Voss) Dykstra Scholarship Fund

The Be Kind People Project BE FIT. BE HEALTHY. BE KIND

Belinda Miller Memorial Fund

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona Investment Fund

Billie Gannaway Memorial Scholarship Fund

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona Nonprofit Endowment Fund

Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona Nonprofit Reserve Fund

Brighter Way Endowment

Butterfield Musicales

Cancer Support Community – Arizona Fund

Carol Kamin Early Childhood Endowment Fund

Carver Museum and Cultural Center Restoration Nonprofit Fund

Central Arizona Shelter Services Fund

Central Arts Alliance Fund

Chandler Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund

Chandler Symphony Orchestra Reserve Fund

Chicanos Por La Causa Community Development Fund

Children First Foundation Endowment Fund

Children First Foundation Reserve Fund

Children’s Benefit Foundation Inc.

CM Baseball League Fund

Community Development Fund

The Dana Campbell Saylor Leadership Fund

Deborah J. Dillon College Depot Fund

Del Webb Sun Cities Museum

Del Webb Sun Cities Museum Endowment

Desert Cancer Foundation of Arizona Endowment Fund

Diversity Leadership Alliance Fund

Educare Arizona Reserve Fund

Education Forward Arizona Reserve Fund

The Emily Burkert Rocha (’15) Fund

Family Promise Endowment Fund

Family Promise Shelter Fund

Fighter Country Foundation Endowment Account

Fighter Country Foundation Reserve Account

First Place Building Reserve Fund

First Place Reserve Fund

First United Methodist Church of Gilbert Fund

Foothills Caring Corps Board Designated (Quasi-Endowed) Fund

Foothills Caring Corps Donor Restricted (Quasi-Endowed) Fund

Foothills Caring Corps Reserve (Spendable) Fund

Foothills Community Foundation Education Endowment Fund

For The Animals Fund

Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) Reserve Fund

Fountain Hills Community Foundation Senior Services Fund

Fountain Hills Cultural & Civic Association Reserve Fund

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Reserve Fund

Franciscan Renewal Center Fund

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Fund

Friendly House Foundation Fund

Friends of AYSA Endowment

Friends of Chandler Public Library Foundation

Future Farmers of America Fund

Future of ICAN Fund

Gianna Santiago Scholarship Fund

Gilbert Education Foundation Endowment

Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus – Pine Reserve Fund

Gompers Endowment Fund

Gompers Investment Fund

The Heard Museum

Helping Hands for Single Moms Endowment Fund

The Herberger Theatre Center Endowment Fund

Heritage Square Endowment Fund

HLAA West Valley Phoenix AZ Nonprofit Fund

Hope 4 Kids International Endowment Fund

Hope 4 Kids International Kathryn Hildebrand Fund

Hope 4 Kids International Reserve Fund

In Teachers We Trust Endowment Fund

Jazz Town USA

Jean Clark Fund

The Jessie Mae Jones Fund

Judy Goddard/ Libraries, Ltd. Fund

Justin Lett Dream Then Do Memorial Fund

Kax Herberger Rosie’s House Endowment Fund

The Kax Stage Fund

Kids Need to Read Fund

KJZZ Strategic Initiative Fund

Larney Family Trust Reserve Fund

Level Up

Lorraine W. Frank Endowment Fund

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue Fund

Lura Turner Homes Endowment Fund

Lura Turner Homes Reserve Fund

Madison 125 Endowment Fund

The Marc Foundation

Margaret and Bob Renaud Charitable Trust

MCIDA Reserve

Mesa Arts Center Foundation

Mesa Historical Museum Karen Kuykendall Fund

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Endowment Fund

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Fund

Mission of Mercy Arizona Reserve Fund

Multi-Student Family Scholarship Fund

Museum Association of Arizona Endowment

Museum Association of Arizona Operating Reserve

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic Endowment Fund

Neighborhood Education Endowment Fund

New Life Center Reserve Fund

New Pathways for Youth

OCA Greater Phoenix Chapter Reserve Fund

Open Hearts Board Reserve Fund

The Palm Lane CRC Generations Fund

Parents Anonymous of Arizona Endowment Fund

Paul Eppinger Award Fund

Petznick, Stewart, and Friends Fund for Fresh Start

Phoenix Children’s Chorus Endowment Fund

Phoenix Country Day School Fund

Phoenix IDA Community Development Fund

The Phoenix Symphony Endowment Fund #2

Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Endowment Fund

Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Reserve Fund

Public Radio Future Fund for KJZZ/KBAQ

Queen Creek Cultural Foundation Endowment Fund

Rafi & Zohreh Mingus Mountain Academy Scholarship Fund

Raising Special Kids Endowment

Raising Special Kids Fund

Rancho Feliz Reserve Fund

River of Time Museum Nonprofit Fund

Ron Carpenter and Tim Outland Fund

Ronald McDonald House Charities Fund

Rotary Charities Endowment Fund

Rotary Charities John J. O’Connor Memorial Endowment Fund

Sagewood Residents Foundation

The Samuel Keith Gellner Fund

Scottsdale Arts Fund

Scottsdale Railroad and Mechanical Society Endowment Fund

Scottsdale Railroad and Mechanical Society Reserve Fund

Secular Arizona Investment Fund

Shirley Agnos Legacy Fund

SLRF 2000 Long Term Endowment

SLRF2000 5-10 Year Fund

Sojourner Center Endowment Fund

Solari Investments Fund

Sonoran University of Health Sciences Fund

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) Endowment Fund

Southwest Human Development Children’s Fund

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center Fund

Stardust Non-Profit Building Supplies Nonprofit Fund (Endowment)

Sun City Area Interfaith

Sun Sounds Foundation Inc. Fund

Superstition Mountain Historical Society Building Fund

Superstition Mountain Historical Society Endowment Fund

Superstition Mountain Historical Society Project Fund

Surprise Sundancers Reserve Fund

TCAA LT Reserve Fund

TCAA SR Reserve Fund

Tempe Diablos Investment Account Fund

Tempe Diablos/Active 20-30 Club of Scottsdale Fund

Tempe Diablos/Barbara and Bill Woodroffe

Tempe Diablos/Craig & Sandy Ankeney Fund

Tempe Diablos/David Horton Fund

Tempe Diablos/Don & Barbara Liem Fund

Tempe Diablos/Doug & Linda MacArthur Fund

Tempe Diablos/Fiesta Bowl Fund

Tempe Diablos/John & Barbara Bebbling Fund

Tempe Diablos/Joseph Michael Bongiorno Fund

Tempe Diablos/Steve & Tina Bork Fund

Tempe Diablos/The Dean and Roz Jacobson Endowment

Tempe Diablos/Weber Family Endowment Fund

Tempe Historical Society Fund

Terry O’Banion Legacy Award Fund

Two Pups Wellness Reserve Fund

United Food Bank Investment Fund

United Food Bank Permanently Restricted Fund

Unity of Phoenix Fund

Unity of Phoenix Reserve Fund

Valley Leadership Legacy Fund

Valley of the Sun School

Valley of the Sun United Way

The Verma and Ed Pastor Scholarship Reserve Fund

WCA Endowment Fund

West Valley Arts Council Endowment Fund

West Valley Arts Council Spendable Fund

Wickenburg Christian Academy Reserve Fund

Project Funds

ACF Basic Needs Fund

ACF Courageous Conversations

ACF Disaster Relief Fund

APS Affordable Housing Fund

Arizona Indigenous Philanthropy

AZ Healthy Food Initiative

BIPOC and Rural Engagement Project Fund

Border Philanthropy Partnership Fund

Census 2020

Health in Communities of Color

HELIOS Program Fund

Hispanics in Partnership

JP Morgan Chase Affordable Housing Admin Fund

JP Morgan Chase Affordable Housing Loan Fund

LGBTQ Leaders Impact Fund

Open Society Foundation Program Fund

Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy

Reese Homelessness Collaborative Fund

Rosenzweig Arts Award Operations Fund

The Tollefson + Kellenberger Forum for Social Justice

USDAII- USDA Impact Investing Program

Scholarship Funds

100 Club of Arizona Scholarship Fund

AAUW-East Mesa (AZ) Branch Scholarship Fund

ACF Administrative Scholarship Fund

ACF Memorial Scholarship Fund

ACF Scholarship Fund

ACMA Andrews and Esser Scholarship Fund

Albert & Shirley Sellen Scholarship Fund

Alexandra Ryan Swanson Live Your Dream Scholarship

Alhambra Foundation for the Future Scholarship Fund

Alisa’s Angels Foundation

Amy Wasserman Scholarship Fund

Andrew L. Hopper Scholarship Fund

Andria Ligas Memorial Scholarship Award

Archer-Ragsdale Arizona Chapter (ARAC) Tuskegee Airmen Inc. (TAI) Fund

Arizona Asian-American Law Scholarship Fund

Arizona First Advised Foster Youth Scholarship Fund

Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council Fund

Austin S. Hicks Hope and Promise Scholarship

The Austin Scholarship Foundation

AZHCC Foundation Scholarship Fund

AZHCC Tony and Milena Astorga EXITO Scholarship Fund

Barbara & Robert Swan Scholarship Fund

Ben Thomas Blue Ridge Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund

Bergmann Family ‘Lay a Solid Foundation’ Scholarship Fund

Bishop Henry L. Barnwell – MLK Scholarship Fund

Blair – Howell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Brit LeCompte Scholarship Fund

The Brooks and Sue Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Buddy and Tom Wise Scholarship Fund

Budenholzer Family Scholarship Fund

Camelback High School Scholarship Fund

Caris Charitable Fund

Carolyn Coles O’Neil Corbet Memorial Scholarship Fund

Catherine M. Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Congressman Ed & Verma Pastor Scholarship

The Country Club at DC Ranch Scholarship Fund

Cox Diversity Scholarships Fund

Curtis Roy Larson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dale Spencer Scholarship Fund

The David and Louise Kong Legacy Scholarship

David Corey Brecker Memorial Scholarship

The Dee-Dee Scholarship Fund

Desert Legacy Fund

Don & Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship for a TYA Artist

Don & Sybil Harrington Scholarship Fund

Don Pierson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dougherty Foundation

Doughton Scholarship Fund

Dr. Alan J. Dessen, MD Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Norbert A. Ehrmann Scholarship Fund

Dysart Education Foundation

Ed Denison Memorial Technology Scholarship Fund

Eloisa Diaz Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund

Empowering Diversity Scholarship Fund

Ewing Employee Assistance Foundation Fund

FPV Foundation Scholarship Fund

Gemini Foster Care Scholarship Fund

The Genung Scholarship Fund

George F. Wellik Spendable Scholarship Fund

Gerald E. Myers & Juanita T. Myers Charitable Foundation

Geri Craig Hamersley Scholarship Foundation

Globe High Alumni Scholarship Fund

Grace & Grand Canyon Scholarship

Guinn B. Burton Medical Scholarship Fund

Hayley’s Hope Scholarship Fund

Hayzel B. Daniels Scholarship Fund

Helen Dyar King Scholarship Fund

Helen Jean Simpson Scholarship Fund

Increase My Income Scholarship Fund

Jacques Avent Scholarship Fund

James A. Fortmann Scholarship Fund

Jeffrey D. McClelland Scholarship Fund

Jerome & Gale Glaser Fund

Jerry Colangelo Integrity Scholarships

John G. Sperling Scholarship Fund

Jordan Jae Lipsman Memorial Fund

Joseph and Virginia Madek Charitable Scholarship Fund

Joseph H. Garagiola Sr. ASU/Cronkite School Sports Broadcasting Scholarship Fund

Julie Hurst and Steve Peters Education Fund

Kay T. DeMichele Angel Tree Scholarship Fund

Kieren McErlain Williams Scholarship

Kristen Nieves Memorial Annual Scholarship

The Lake Design Foundation Fund

Larry Hellestrae Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lawrence and Carol Brecker Scholarship Fund

Lee Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

LendUp Scholarship Fund

The Leslie Scholarship Fund

Lodestar Single Parent Scholarship

Lodine Robinson NAWIC Endowment Fund

Lydia A. Rondeau Scholarship Foundation

Make It So Foundation

Margaret Warren Scholarship Fund

Martha Jane Youngker Scholarship Fund

Martha McSally Dare to Fly Scholarship

Martinson Foundation

Max A. Springer & Clara E. Springer Arizona State University Scholarship Fund

Max A. Springer & Clara E. Springer University of Arizona Scholarship Fund

Melva Joan Owens Scholarship Fund

Merle Earnshaw Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mildred Jeanine and Peter Starrett Scholarship Fund

Mirabel Scholarship

Morfessis Family Scholarship Fund sponsored by Helios Education Foundation

Myers Family Scholarship Fund

NABI College Scholarship Fund

Nathan and Betty Norris Scholarship Fund

Native Public Media Scholarship Fund

Nicole Romo-Garcia Rise Scholarship Fund

Oehme Scholarship Fund

Olga E. Nowlin Scholarship Fund

Opportunity Scholarship for Dreamers fund

Pathward Scholars Fund

Phoenix Union Foundation for Education

Phoenix Union High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

Pogal Family Teacher Scholarship

Pride Scholarship Fund

Pride Scholarship Fund – Spendable

QU Scholarship Endowment

QU Scholarship Fund

Raymond H. Rondeau Scholarship Foundation

The Ready Now Yuma Scholarship Program

Rita Sorensen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert Manring Scholarship Fund

Sagewood Residents’ Foundation Scholarship Fund

Sela Scholarship Fund

Sheldon and Sylvia Sternberg Scholarship Fund

Sponsors for Scholars Fund

Steve Seleznow Scholarship Fund

Surprise Sundancers Scholarship Fund

Swift Transportation Scholarship Fund

Syring – Ryerson Scholarship Fund

Tang Family Scholarship Fund

The Thunderbirds Scholars Program Fund

Ty R. Vlaming Memorial Scholarship Fund

Valle Del Sol-Rosa Carrillo Torres Memorial Fund

The Verma and Ed Pastor Scholarship Fund

Vernie & Flora Lindstrom Golf Scholarship Fund

Vi at Silverstone Scholarship Fund

Vi at Silverstone Scholarship Fund (Long Term-Diversified)

Vicki Piña Scholarship Fund

Walt Vikram Troester Memorial Scholarship Fund

Washington Street Fund

Wilna G. Tygum Scholarship Fund

Woudenberg Enterprises Scholarship Fund

Wrigley Family Fund for Nursing Scholarship

Youth Angels – Erika and Roger Greaves Scholarship Fund

YWCA Harriet M. Heatherington Scholarship Fund

Regional Funds

ACF of Cochise

ACF of Cochise

ACF of Cochise Sponsorship Fund

The Adolph & Dorrene Schmid Family Trust

Albert R. and Nellie D. Spikes Scholarship Fund

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Coalition

Arizona Firefighters Fund

Arizona Trail Legacy Fund

Arizona Wildlife Federation Legacy Fund

AZSRM Education Fund

AZSRM Education Fund Reserve

Benson Union High School Scholarship Fund

Bob Holcombe Fund for Educational/Vocational Success

Borderlands Fund

Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista Endowment Fund

Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista Great Futures Endowment

The Brooke Ashleigh Coates Fund

Claude Nagle Fund for ACF of Cochise

Cochise Arts & Culture Fund

Cochise Community Fund

Cochise Environmental Fund

Cochise Health & Wellness Fund

Cochise Life-Long Learning & Literacy Fund

Cochise Veterans Fund

Community Christian Church of Marana Designated Fund

Community Homes of Patagonia Reserve Fund

Douglas Area Community Fund

Ebel, Oehmke, Weiss Fund for Disadvantaged Children

Elsie & Paul MacMillan Charitable Fund

Estellean Wick Cochise Community Scholarship Fund

Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project Fund

The Founders Scholarship Fund

Friends of the Huachuca Mountains Hopkins Fund

Friends of the Patagonia Library Endowment Fund

Friends of the Patagonia Public Library Designated Fund

Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter Endowment Fund

Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter Reserve Fund

The Fund With No Name

Healing Garden at Canyon Vista

Hedgepeth Family Fund


I-19 Corridor Fund

John Lawrence Kurdeka Fund for the Environment

Malpai Borderlands Endowment Fund

Mar-Walt Fund

Nancy Waymire Munroe Fund

The Nelsen Family Fund

Northern Cochise Fund

Our Sky Islands… Forever

Patagonia Creative Arts Association Child Fund

Patagonia Regional Times

Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center Fund (“PYEC Fund”)

Peter Phinny Building Fund

Pioneer Title Community Fund

Regenerating Sonora Reserve Fund

The Robert J. Wick Family Foundation

Ryan Miele Endowment for Animal Welfare

SARSEF: Southern Arizona Research Science and Engineering Fund

Science, Math & Technology Innovation Fund

Sierra Toyota & Alltoh Fund

Sierra Vista Education Foundation Scholarship for Buena High School

Sierra Vista Regional Health Center Auxiliary Scholarship

Sky Islands Sustainability Scholarship Fund

Southern AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery Fund

Strengthening Rural Arizona Southeast Region Fund

SVHS Museum Fund

The T. F. Perrine Family Charities Fund

Turner-Greener Endowment Fund

The Walter M. Wick Family Foundation

Wildlife Corridors Fund

Yavapai Title Agency Fund

ACF of Flagstaff

ACF of Flagstaff

ACF of Flagstaff Sponsorship Fund

Ann C. & Brian E. Blue Family Fund

The Anser Fund

The Arboretum at Flagstaff-Skyview Endowment

ARTx Festival

Theatrikos Theatre Company Endowment Fund

AZ Tesol Fund

Bearizona Scholarship for Williams & Ashfork High Schools Fund

The Bene Family Fund

Bette Vote Scholarship Fund

Big Brothers of Flagstaff & Big Sisters of Northern Arizona

Biggerstaff Science Scholarship Fund

BLE “Best Life Ever” Fund

Brown Family Foundation

Capstone Health Fund

Christie’s Charitable Fund

Diane I. Wasson University Women Scholarship Fund

Dr. Lindquist Designated Fund

The Elliott Family Fund

Environmental Sustainability Fund

The Erin and Tad Moore Charitable Fund

Ernest & Evelyn Chilson Fund

Evelyn and Lou Charitable Fund/Tracy Grubb Robinson

FHS Band Boosters Fund

Flagstaff Animal Welfare Fund

Flagstaff Capacity Building Fund

Flagstaff Community Fund

The Flagstaff Cooperative Preschool Reserve Fund

Flagstaff Education Fund

Flagstaff Environmental Education & Conservation Fund

Flagstaff Family Food Center George McCullough Memorial Endowment

Flagstaff Family Food Center Reserve Fund

Flagstaff Health Care Fund

Flagstaff Music Education Fund

Flagstaff P-12 Educational Resources Fund

Flagstaff Rotary Endowment

Flagstaff Sheriff’s Posse Fund

Flagstaff Social Services Fund

Flagstaff Substance Abuse Prevention Fund

Flagstaff Tax Credit Coalition

Flagstaff Townsite CLT Fund

Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) Foundation

Flagstaff Victim Services Fund

Flagstaff Youth Fund

Fox Family Fund

Friedland Fund For Compassion

Friends of Camp Colton

Fund for Flagstaff Public Library Designated Fund

Fund for the Flagstaff Public Library Foundation

Geile Charitable Fund

Geile Charitable Reserve Fund

Genevieve W. Gore Fund


George A. Trigueros Guitar Performance Fund

Grand Canyon Conservancy Endowment Fund

Grand Canyon Conservancy Polk Fellowship Fund

Grand Canyon Conservancy Wildlife Designated Fund

Grand Canyon Conservancy/Greenway Trail Maintenance Fund

Grand Canyon Conservancy/Wildlife Protection Fund

Grand Canyon Music Festival Endowment Fund

Grand Canyon River Guides – Endowment

Grand Canyon River Guides – Reserve

Grand Canyon Youth Fund

Gratitude for the University of Nebraska College of Medicine Scholarship Fund

Greater Williams Community Fund

High Country Humane – Ronnie C. Davis Fund for Animals

High Country Humane Fund

Hopi Food and Agriculture Endowment Fund

Housing Solutions of N. Arizona Reserve Fund

HSNA General Endowment Fund

HTPI Reserve Fund

Judge Margaret McCullough Honorary Endowment

The Literacy Center Nonprofit Endowment Fund

Loaves & Fishes Fund

Mahler-Ring Scholarship Fund

Malapais Fund

Mary Ann Stone Scholarship for Ganado, Chinle, or Window Rock High Schools

McClanahan Family Unrestricted Fund

Mickey Witkoff Native American Art Scholarship

Museum of Northern Arizona Ecological Endowment Fund

Nancy and David Weeks Fund

Navajo Youth Achievement Fund

Northern Arizona Housing Fund

Northland Family Help Center Fund

Northland Family Help Center Reserve Fund

Northland Hospice and Palliative Inc

Northland Hospice Endowment Fund

Peggy’s Basket

Peshlakai Cultural Foundation Field of Interest Fund

Pickard Arts & Culture Fund for Flagstaff

Pixie Dust Foundation

Poore Medical Clinic Endowed Fund

Poore Medical Clinic Reserve Fund

Quality Connections Reserve Fund

Reed Family Charitable Fund

Rez Refuge Reserve Fund

Riordan Mansion Endowment Fund

Seeger Family Fund

Sharon Manor Endowment Fund

Strengthening Rural Arizona Northern Region Fund

Sue & George Trigueros Nature Fund

United Way of Northern Arizona Endowment

The Whale Foundation Endowment Fund

Whale Foundation Long Term

Willow Bend Environmental Education Center Endowment

Willow Bend Reserve Fund

ACF of the Gila Valley

ACF of Gila Valley Sponsorship Fund

Ft. Thomas High School Scholarship Fund

GCRC Reserve Fund

Gila Valley Administrative Fund

Gila Valley Arts Council Fund

Gila Valley Success Fund

Graham County Community Fund

Graham County Rehabilitation Center Endowment Fund

Graham-Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition

Greenlee Community Fund

John R. Smith “Spirit of the Roughrider” Scholarship

Mt. Graham Safe House Fund

Pima High School Scholarship Fund

Prina Family Scholarship Fund

Safford Community Fund

Safford Friends of the Library Nonprofit Fund

Safford Library Endowment Fund

South Eastern Arizona Community Unique Services Fund

The Steve Besich Scholarship Foundation

Thatcher Community Fund

Thatcher Schools Scholarship and Educational Foundation Fund

Volunteer of the Year Award in memory of Ed & Angie Sawyer

ACF of Sedona

A Roof For All

ACF of Sedona

ACF of Sedona Sponsorship Fund

The Archaeology Center Endowment

Bill & Susan Cammock Charitable Fund

Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund

Christ Lutheran Church MEF – Endowment

Christ Lutheran Church MEF- Designated

Christ Lutheran Church MEF- Land Sale

Christ Lutheran Church MEF- Outreach

Dixie A. Carlson Fund

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Millicent Leenhouts Endowment for the Arts

Edward M. & Mary P. Foley Fund

Egon & Deotila Hagemann Foundation

Empowering Kids Fund

Ethel M. Low Memorial Fund

FAMoS Building Fund

Glenys and Gerry Wilson Donor Advised Fund

Glenys and Gerry Wilson Family Fund

Greater Sedona Fund for the Environment

Humane Society of Sedona Endowment

Javus B. Fortmann Scholarship Fund

Jennifer and James Perry Fund

Jim & Cecelia Rappaport Community Fund

John & Carole Wooldrik Fund

John Boone Kincaid III Fund

Kiel Family Charitable Fund

KSB Endowment Fund

L & M Sky Fund

Lillian & Gordon Macgregor Scholarship Fund of Sedona

Lisa Dahl Foundation

Logan’s Hero Dirt Scholarship Fund

Martinez Family Fund

Mary Harbert Railsback Scholarship Fund

Miracle Leadership Development Fund

Murto Family Foundation Scholarship

Murto Special Projects Foundation

Nassan Gobran Legacy Society Fund

Nolan Family Fund

Northern Arizona Scholarship Fund

Northland Cares Nonprofit Reserve Fund

Our Trails are Calling

The Ousley Foundation

Pat Marr Memorial Scholarship for Vocational Excellence

Pathway to Careers, CTE Scholarship Fund – Endowment

Pathway to Careers, CTE Scholarship Fund – Spendable

Pefanis Family Fund

Peg Schlichtemeier VVFB Founders Fund

Pioneer Legacy Fund

Red Rock Cemetery in Sedona Fund

Rokosz Family Nursing Scholarship

Sedona Animal Welfare Fund

Sedona Arts Fund

Sedona Businesses Giving Back Fund

Sedona Capacity Building Fund

Sedona Community Food Bank Reserve Fund

Sedona Community Fund

Sedona Health Care Fund

Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop

Sedona Public Library Endowment Fund

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund – Endowment Fund

Sedona Women Fund

TF Endowment for CHRP

Three Little Pegs

Tolerance Learning Center (TLC) Fund

Unify Sedona Endowment Fund

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Endowment

Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity Reserve Fund

Verde Valley Imagination Library Endowment Fund

Verde Valley Sanctuary Endowment Fund

Verde Valley Sanctuary Reserve Fund

Verde Valley School Designated Endowment

W’aki Grace

Yavapai County IDA Grant Fund

Yavapai County IDA Permanent Reserve Fund

ACF of Yavapai County

“Kit” and James W. Kelly Fund

ACF of Yavapai County

ACF of Yavapai Sponsorship Fund

Adult Day Care Charitable Fund of Northern Arizona

The Alice and Alan Hendrickson Cancer Support Fund

The Alice and Alan Hendrickson Christian Education Fund

The Alice and Alan Hendrickson Fund

The Alice and Alan Hendrickson Scholarship Fund

Alice M. Fellows Designated Fund

APAAC Aspiring Prosecutor Scholarship Fund

Arizona Wildfire Training Council, Inc.

Audrey & Gus Pabst Fund

Barb and Gene Polk Family Fund

Bill Fain Memorial Scholarship Fund

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona Nonprofit Fund

Bradshaw Mountain Wildlife Association Endowment Fund

Bradshaw Mountain Wildlife Association Reserve Fund

Brooklyn Mengarelli Memorial Fund

Brownlee Fund benefiting the Friends of the Prescott Public Library

The Camp Verde Healing Arts Scholarship Fund

Camp Verde Library Designated Fund

Camp Verde Library Endowment Fund

CCJ Home Repair Endowment Fund

Charitable Endowment Fund

Coalition for Compassion and Justice Endowment Fund

Coalition for Compassion and Justice Reserve Fund

Copper Basin Bible Camp

Cross Family Fund

Doug and Marcia Millar Charitable Fund

Douglas Hunter Clack & Linda Clack Hernandez Fund

Dream Biggs Fun Fund

Dunn Testamentary Fund

Education Foundation of Yavapai County

Eleanor Kohler Fund

Endowment FBO Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters

Facilities Maintenance Fund

Fearn Donor Advised Fund

Fiona Reid Scholarship Fund

Forrest Scholarship Fund for Prescott Students

Friends of JS Acker Memorial Park Fund

Friends of the Prescott Public Library Fund

Friends of the Prescott Public Library Reserve Fund

Friends of the Prescott Valley Public Library Endowment Fund

Fritzi Mevis Legacy Fund

Gato Community Gives Fund

George and Peggy Stidworthy Designated Fund

Granite Dells Preservation Fund

Granite Dells Preservation Reserve 2

Greater Prescott Outdoors Fund

Green Family Open Space Endowment Fund

Gunner Bundrick Memorial Fund

Highlands Center 4 – 4 Fund

Highlands Center for Natural History Designated Fund

Highlands Center for Natural History Endowment Fund

Hitchcock Foundation

Hohm Sahaj Mandir Endowment Fund

Hungry Kids Project

The Intermediate Reserve Fund

Janet Codding Law Enforcement Canine Fund

Jim and Susie Opdahl Fund

John and Marion Baker Fund

Katherine Johnson Foundation

Kati Kelly Fund

Kay and Dave Jenner Fund

Kent and Donna Kleinkauf Fund

Kiwanis Club of Prescott Charitable Fund

Leite Family Fund

Lillian & Gordon Macgregor Scholarship Fund for YRMC Foundation

Luanne Leeson Fund for the benefit of the Friends of the Prescott Public Library

Manzanita Outreach Endowment Fund

Margaret T. Morris Children’s Fund

MATFORCE Reserve Fund

Mike and Kiar First Fund

Mingus Mountain Law Group Scholarship Fund

Museum of Indigenous People Endowment

Myer Neal and Evalyn Louise Wilson Food Bank Fund

Norma Geri Smith Designated Fund

Ophthalmic Science Foundation

Painted Vision Foundation

Pat and Gerhard Kroenaur Animal Friends Fund

Pat Carmody Love of Education Scholarship Fund

The Phillips Family Foundation

Phippen Museum Designated Fund

Phippen Museum Endowment

PHS Alumni Half Century Club

Polk Family Fund

Prescott Area Shelter Services Endowment Fund

Prescott Area Women Who Care Fund

The Prescott College Fund

Prescott Community Cupboard Reserve Fund

Prescott Creeks Endowment Fund

Prescott Education Foundation Fund

Prescott Education Scholarship Foundation

Prescott Gateway Music & Art Fund

Prescott Leadership Recognition Fund

The Prescott Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund

Prescott YMCA Youth Endowment Fund

Prevent Child Abuse Reserve Fund

Rescue a Golden Reserve Fund

Richard & Jonne Markham Fund

Robert H. Kieckhefer Fund

Ron and Betsy Barnes Youth Leadership Scholarship Fund

Sharon R. Reeves Endowment Fund

Sharon Reeves Fund for Yavapai Regional Medical Center Foundation

Sonja Butterfield Fund

Spendable Sub-fund of Friends of J.S. Acker Memorial Park Fund

Stidworthy Charitable Community Fund

Stidworthy Charitable Fund

Strengthening Rural Arizona North Central Region Fund

Susan N. Coleman Kino Bay Scholarship Fund

Susan Peterson Fund for the Common Good

Taney Tambini Foundation

Verde Valley Tax Credit Coalition

Virginia O. Kieckhefer Memorial Fund

Wanda Lee McCall Designated Fund

West Yavapai Physicians Foundation

William & Patricia Carpenter Fund

Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment

Yavapai County Administrative Endowment

Yavapai County Children’s Fund

Yavapai County Community Fund

Yavapai County Food Bank Endowment

Yavapai County Fund for the Environment

Yavapai County Healthcare Fund

Yavapai Humane Society Endowment Fund

Yavapai Humane Society Reserve Fund

Yavapai Information Resource Development Fund

YMCA’s of Yavapai County

YSA Operations Reserve Fund

YSA Scholarship Reserve Fund

ACF of Yuma

4th Ave Gym Foundation, Inc

ACF of Yuma

ACF of Yuma Sponsorship Fund

Albert W. & Doris Merrifield Hospice of Yuma Fund

ANWEY2-Spay/Neuter Fund

Barbara Shay Memorial Nursing Scholarship

The Bryant Family of Yuma

C.E. & Ruby Rice Crossroads Mission Fund

Cal Roberts Fund for the Yuma Visually Impaired

Children’s Museum of Yuma County Building Fund

Children’s Museum of Yuma County Endowment Fund

Education Foundation of Yuma County Non Profit Reserve Fund

Education Foundation of Yuma Nonprofit Fund

Elizabeth B. Kenyon Fund

Fray Juan Diaz 1806 Fund

Fund for Animal Welfare in Winterhaven/Bard California

Fund for Animal Welfare in Yuma County

Gene Shay Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gertrud J. Moody & Robert C. Moody Yuma Fund

Gertrud J. Moody & Robert C. Moody Yuma Library Fund

Gertrud J. Moody Scholarship Fund

Hegarty & Wright Memorial Fund

Helene Thomas Bennett Health Career Scholarship

Hospice of Yuma Endowment Fund

Hospice of Yuma Fund

Humane Society of Yuma

Janice Fife Yuma Fund

The John and Sharon Merz Family Fund

John Theodore & Pamela Sharpe Osterman Charitable Foundation

Jones and Brigida Osborn Fund for the City of Yuma

June Pallack Scholarship Fund

Ken & Ann Easterday Agricultural Scholarship

Kenneth N. Harrison Memorial Scholarship

Lauren and Jeanette Heitzman Scholarship Fund

Marion F. Griffin Memorial U of A Agriculture Scholarship Fund

MCJROTC Scholarship Fund

Mohave County 4-H Youth Development Endowment Fund

Mohave County 4-H Youth Development Reserve Fund

Nikki Ferguson Healthcare/Business Scholarship

Nourish the Need Hunger Fund

Phil D. Van Hise Fund

Quartzsite Area Fund for Libraries

Riedel & Garcia Scholarship Fund

The Rodriguez Family Poverty Alleviation Fund

Rodriguez Scholarship Fund

Ronald A. Martin Family Fund

The Russ & Janet Jones Family Fund for the Arts

Russell and Janet Jones Family Orchestra

San Luis Community Fund

Seeds of Change Fund

Shadle Cancer Support Fund

The Shorr Family Fund

Soldwedel Family YCF Administrative Endowment

Somerton Youth Endowment Fund

Somerton Youth Fund

Strengthening Rural Arizona Western Region Fund

Sturges Charitable Trust Combined Fields of Interest Fund

Sweetland Library Fund

Tim & Eileen Dunn Family Fund

Vanita A. Schwenn Scholarship Fund

Walter Keith Irwin Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Wood Family Fund


YEP! Project Fund

Yuma Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund

Yuma Border Fund

Yuma Community Food Bank Trust Fund

Yuma Community Fund

Yuma Conservation Garden Endowment

Yuma Health Care Fund

Yuma QCO Tax Coalition

Yuma Rotary Foundation Fund

Yuma Scholarship Fund/Enrichment Programs

Yuma Scholarship Fund/High Schools

Yuma Unified Medical Associates Scholarship Fund

Yuma Veterans Fund

Yuma Veterans Recoverable Loan Project

Local Philanthropic Funds

Desert Mountain Community Fund

Desert Mountain Collaborative Fund

Desert Mountain Community Foundation Scholarship Endowment

Desert Mountain Community Foundation Scholarship Fund

Desperados Trail Scouts Fund

Helping Hands — Employee Hardship Fund

Page/Lake Powell Community Fund

Copeland Memorial/Soroptimist Education Fund

Page Community Pride Fund

Page/Lake Powell Community Fund

Page/Lake Powell Regional Scholarship Fund

Patagonia Community Fund

Borderlands Restoration Network Reserve Fund

Patagonia Creative Arts Association

Patagonia Town Fund

PRCF Community Fund

PRCF Scholarship Fund

Scottsdale Community Fund

CVS Caremark Scottsdale Endowment for Senior Care

Herbert R. Drinkwater Youth Services Fund

Rassner Memorial Scottsdale Library Endowment Fund

Scottsdale Community Endowment Fund

Scottsdale Employee Endowment Fund

Scottsdale Historical Society Endowment Fund

Tuba City Community Fund

Tuba City Arts & Culture Fund

Tuba City Regional Community Fund

West Valley Community Fund

Bill & Vera Olsen Education Fund

Harquahala Generating Company, LLP-Harquahala Community Fund

Saul N. Silbert Charitable Foundation

Saul N. Silbert Designated Fund

Scholarship Fund for Buckeye Valley

Strengthening Rural Arizona Fund

Wickenburg Community Fund

George F. Wellik Scholarship

Wickenburg Community Services Corporation Fund

Regional Partner Funds

The Bisbee Foundation

Bisbee Boys & Girls Club Fund

Bisbee Evergreen Cemetery Fund

The Bisbee Foundation Endowment Fund

Bisbee Foundation Reserve Fund

Bisbee Vogue Inc. Designated Fund

The Hopi Foundation

Amy Shubitz Endowment Fund

The Barbara Chester Award Endowment Fund

Colette & Charles B. McGarvie Designated Fund

Hopi Foundation Designated Fund

Hopi Foundation Endowment – Administrative Fund

Hopi Foundation Endowment Fund-Unrestricted

Hopi-Steven Thayer Scholarship Fund

Marguerite Bowden Reed & Amelia Shubitz Educational Fund

Tempe Community Foundation

Elsa K. Klock Tempe Community Center Fund

Tempe Community Action Agency Designated Fund

Tempe Community Action Agency Endowment Fund

Tempe Community Foundation

Tempe Community Foundation Endowment Fund

Tempe Community Foundation Endowment in Memory of Annette Voth

Established in the past 365 days