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ACF of the Gila Valley celebrates local grantmaking


Miquel McRae from Tooth BUDDS speaks at Gila Valley Grants Celebration in front of a screen at a podium

On September 27, 2022, ACF of the Gila Valley hosted the Graham Greenlee Grant Celebration. The event brought today community leaders, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, scholarship recipients, business representatives, city officials, and philanthropists across Graham and Greenlee counties.

MiQuel McRae from Tooth B.U.D.D.S., Inc. and Paulette LeBlanc and Carolyn Skiba from the Kindergarten Summer Camp spoke of the impact of discretionary and donor advised funding on their programs. Heath Brown, John Cassella, Paul David, and David Gomez announced and awarded the grantee checks to the 2022 recipients. The grantees included:

  • American Heart Association
  • Aravaipa Watershed Conservation Alliance
  • Boys and Girls Club of the Gila Valley
  • Families Fighting Cancer Together
  • First Southern Baptist Church Food Bank
  • Gila Watershed Partnership
  • Graham County Substance Abuse Coalition

Dr. Kayla West and Madison Peterson are two recipients of ACF scholarships who spoke of the difference the funding made to their educational journeys. Special thanks to Smith & Taylor Automotive and the Prina Family, LLC for sponsoring the event.