Black Philanthropy Initiative

The Arizona Community Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative is a permanent endowment supported by African Americans to address relevant issues in Arizona’s Black community.

Philanthropy in the African-American community



The Black Philanthropy Initiative began in 2008 under the leadership of the Arizona Community Foundation staff, Board members and a dedicated task force comprised of respected African American leaders. The mission of the Black Philanthropy Initiative is to advance equity, leadership and social justice for African Americans. BPI is a charitable fund that engages African Americans and other interested Arizonans as active philanthropists to help achieve this mission.

Through strategic grantmaking, the endowment supports nonprofit organizations that serve African Americans in such critical areas as health, education, workforce development and community building. BPI is led by an active core of philanthropists engaged in development and setting the strategic direction for the BPI charitable fund.

COVID-19 Grants

The Black Philanthropy Initiative, Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy (REAP), the African American Women's Giving and Empower Circle (AAWGEC), and fundholders representing the Black Legacy Endowed Fund, the Jean and Betty Fairfax Memorial Fund, the Jamir and Racquel Miller Family Foundation, and the A Halyard Robinson Family Foundation have joined together to award $40,000 to three organizations supporting the health and safety of African Americans during the pandemic.

The grantees include:

  • Family Tree Healthcare
  • Black Family and Child Services of AZ
  • Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix

Watch to learn more about the grantees and the critical services they're providing.


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Additional ways you can participate

Founded in 2013, the African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle empowers women and girls in Arizona and transform lives through the collective investment of time, treasure and talent. 

Through the Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy fund, a collaborative fund established in 2014, members will leave a legacy of giving for future generations by reinvesting in and strengthening communities. The REAP giving circle provides Black men with a mechanism for community investment through active philanthropy.

Black Philanthropy Initiative Grants







Each year, the Black Philanthropy Initiative accepted applications from nonprofit organizations serving the Black community. A total of $10,000 was awarded to the 2019-2020 BPI grant recipients:

  • International Jazz Day Foundation
  • Black Mother’s Forum
  • TigerMountain Foundation
  • Sounds Academy
  • Arizona Guide Right Foundation of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

Remembering Jean E. Fairfax

Jean Fairfax was a philanthropist, an advocate, and a key motivator of change throughout her life.

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