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Photo of Tinsley Andrews
Photo of Leticia Antillon
Photo of Alex Chambers
Photo of Sara Figueroa

Sara Figueroa

Manager, Fund Oversight & Special Projects

Photo of Luke Mattey

Luke Mattey

Reporting & Compliance Manager

Photo of Gregorio Montes de Oca
Photo of Ashley Nakagawa
Photo of Nic de la Fuente

Nicolas de la Fuente

Senior Community Impact Officer, Environmental Initiatives

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Adam Lopez Falk

Senior Community Impact Officer, Discretionary Grantmaking

Photo of Halea Rodrigues
Photo of Hannah Bartke
Photo of Fortuna Godofai
Photo of Julie Romero
Photo of Allan Villanueva

Allan Villanueva

Director, Employee Engagement & Culture

Photo of Erica Balderas
Photo of Sheri Denny
Photo of Gwen Groth

Gwen Groth

Regional Philanthropic Advisor / Acting Regional Manager

Photo of Colleen Iuliucci
Photo of Jill McIlroy
Photo of Brenda Moons

Brenda Moons

Regional Philanthropic Coordinator

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Photo of Dakota Speaker
Photo of Shawn Watt
Photo of Curtis Cohen