Photo of Eric Nystrom

Eric Nystrom

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Nystrom joined the Arizona Community Foundation as Senior Vice President, Information Services in 2019 and was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2021. In 2024 he was promoted to Interim Chief Operating Officer. He currently oversees the Finance, Information Services, and Community Investment ACF business units.

Before joining ACF, Eric served as the Director of Technology for MRA Associates, an investment and wealth management firm. Under Eric’s leadership, MRA has replaced its IT infrastructure, dramatically enhancing its cybersecurity, communication, conferencing, collaboration and office automation tools, and migrated to various technology platforms providing CRM, work management, portfolio management, financial analysis and reporting, and regulatory compliance services. Prior to joining MRA Associates, Eric worked for 25 years as an independent executive consultant for a number of companies, including Berkshire Hathaway, Walter Investments, Micron Electronics and Northern States Power (now Xcel Energy).

While at Berkshire Hathaway’s Energy Group, Eric was responsible for a major business turnaround in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, beginning with the regulator threatening to revoke the company’s business license and 24 months later having the company rated among the top 5 electric/gas companies in England for customer service and timely and accurate billing. At Walter Investment, Eric managed the successful acquisition of a smaller mortgage servicing company and the successful business and systems integration with an acquired company several times its size. Eric has worked and consulted in a number of industries, including banking, financial services, insurance, investment, public utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications and networking, computer systems and storage, and software vendors.