Professional Advisors Network

Working together, the Arizona Community Foundation and professional advisors from across the state are identifying the best ways to guide clients through the charitable gift process. 

Sustaining Client Relationships

The focus of ACF's Professional Advisors Network is support for client relationships and it's based on effective tools, shared knowledge and reliable information. 

Hope Leibsohn, Esq., Member of ACF's Professional Advisors Network

Become an active member of the Professional Advisors Network with a simple affirmation and connect with resources that include learning forums, tools for informing client decisions, online research, and experienced peers from a variety of professional fields.

Join the ACF Professional Advisors Network: Active members are those advisors who make significant contributions to the Network in one or more of the following ways:

  • Serve on a Network committee (e.g., Seminar, Gift Acceptance, Giving Counsel)
  • Speak at an ACF-sponsored seminar
  • Give a work-site presentation
  • Refer another professional advisor to the Network
  • Where appropriate, introduce clients to ACF
  • Make a personal contribution to ACF
  • Attend an ACF-sponsored meeting or seminar

When I contact ACF to refer a client and their family for charitable giving guidance, I am confident they will offer innovative solutions that support my client’s customized philanthropic goals. ACF’s professional approach to implementing my clients’ charitable core values results in positive community impact.

- Hope Leibsohn, Esq.

Attorney, Sherman & Howard

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