Planned Giving

With a gift that is planned today and realized after a donor's lifetime, your client can become a philanthropist. The Arizona Community Foundation can help you guide clients in leaving a legacy.

Creating a legacy

Gift Law Pro Look for GiftLaw Pro inside ACF's Planned Giving Resources portal.

With the addition of a provision in a will or trust, your client can designate the Arizona Community Foundation or an Affiliate to receive a percentage or specific amount from an estate, or take advantage of more sophisticated strategies—like giving instruments that provide an income stream to meet current financial needs.

Charitable tax reference

Look for a variety of resources for professional advisors inside ACF's Planned Giving Resources portal. Among the valuable tools you will find there is GiftLaw Pro, a complete charitable giving and tax information service.

Family or community? Clients don't have to choose

A senior couple The Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who have remembered ACF or an Affiliate in their wills or trusts.

If financial, business or family obligations are keeping a donor from charitable giving, you can assure your client that it isn't necessary to choose between family and charity. Donors can serve both with a planned gift, possibly saving their families money by decreasing estate and inheritance taxes.

A donor may elect today how a gift will be used in the community after their lifetime by completing a non-binding Testamentary Fund Agreement. This revocable agreement allows the donor to name the fund the gift will create, identify any fund advisors, specify charitable interest areas and even express a desire for anonymity. And ACF can simply amend the agreement without any costs or legal assistance if the donor has a change of heart. 

Helpful information

There are many more ways to employ planned giving options. Use these resources to explore the choices:

Types of planned gifts

Charitable Bequest

Name the Community Foundation to receive all or a portion of your estate through your will or trust, reducing estate taxes while creating a charitable legacy.

Charitable Gift Annuity

You make a charitable gift and you and/or someone you designate can receive lifetime income. The remainder goes to ACF upon your passing, potentially reducing and deferring capital gains tax and reducing probate costs and estate taxes.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable lead trust or several types of charitable remainder trusts create valuable options in estate planning by providing tax savings, a significant gift and income for either a charity or family members.

Life Insurance Policies

Naming the Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your insurance policy enables you to create a charitable legacy without invading cash and other assets designated for your heirs.

Life Estate

Give your personal residence, ranch or farm as a gift, occupy the residence or land without disruption, and receive an income tax charitable deduction for the present value of the remainder interest.

Retirement Account Assets

Double taxation on retirement plan withdrawals decreases their value for your heirs. Consider providing other assets to heirs and naming the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement accounts. You can save taxes and preserve your hard-earned assets for the good of your community.

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