Arizona State Funding Project: Addressing the Teacher Labor Market

The Arizona Community Foundation commissioned a study that confronts the facts about public education funding in Arizona.

Report provides in-depth analysis of the Arizona teacher labor market

Arizona State Funding Project: Addressing the Teacher Labor Market Challenge was conducted by Education Resource Strategies (ERS) on behalf of the Arizona Community Foundation, Rodel Foundation of Arizona and the Ellis Center for Educational Excellence. 

The data in this report are intended to identify the challenges that we collectively face when considering ways to improve the system, as well as spark conversations about potential solutions among community leaders, businesses, agencies, and organizations.


Tools to share the facts

A Social Media & Marketing Toolkit is available to make it easy to share the report's findings in organizational communications. The materials in the toolkit include pre-written social media posts, key messages, and sample newsletter content. Click the link below to download the toolkit.


Learn why ACF chose to commission this report

All students deserve a quality education, and this report serves as the first step toward a system that is better for Arizona's students and teachers. Visit our Leadership Blog to our find out why ACF President & CEO Steve Seleznow believes the findings of this report are the key to moving forward.


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