Latinos Unidos

The Arizona Community Foundation's Latinos Unidos initiative is the natural evolution of the highly successful Hispanics in Partnership program and the Arizona Hispanic Funders' Collaborative launched in 2005.

Latinos Unidos logoWith matching funds from the national Hispanics in Philanthropy organization, Arizona's HIP program granted $620,000 to 10 Latino-led nonprofits in 2006. The grants were paid over a three-year period to boost the capacity of these organizations in several areas.

The positive results achieved from this program reaffirmed that a locally focused Latino philanthropy initiative is a critical component to serving Latinos and Latino-led nonprofits. The Latinos Unidos initiative brings that energy together for even greater future successes.

Nationwide, by the year 2050, the Latino population will increase by 200 percent. While our population and needs are growing, less than 2 percent of all funding from U.S. foundations goes to Latino organizations.

Latinos Unidos Celebration 

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and Arizona's vibrant Latino Community, the Arizona Community Foundation invited community members to enjoy food and music together and hear the inspiring words of Alfredo Molina and Arizona's first Poet Laureate, Alberto Rios. The first Latinos Unidos grant, a $10,000 award to Friendly House was announced during the event.

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