Real Engagement through
Active Philanthropy

Three organizations receive funding
in the 2016 REAP Grants Process

Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy is proud to announce that in the 2016 REAP Grants Process, its first grantmaking cycle, three organizations received funding for projects and programs that serve African-American men. REAP is a philanthropic giving circle associated with the Arizona Community Foundation.

"This inaugural grant cycle introduced the Grants Committee to many innovative and impactful organizations," said Sentari Minor, REAP Grants Committee Chair. "We are impressed with all of the great organizations serving African-American men in the Valley and are happy to deploy dollars to help them in their work."

"This marks a journey more than two years in the making," said Essen Otu, one of REAP's founding members. "We are so proud to financially reinvest in our community as a group as Black men and know our investment will make a positive impact in our community."

Join us in congratulating these recipients of awards in the 2016 REAP Grants Process as they strive to positively impact and empower our youth.

Career & Leadership Development Program

Since 1961, the Career/Leadership Development Program, Inc., an internship program for outstanding African American achievers, has been working with youth to refine their organizational and leadership skills.

The grant from REAP will help underwrite the cost of attending the CLDP Annual Achievement Luncheon for 20 prospective African-American male students and their family members.

Grant dollars will also go to student scholarships.

Arizona Guide Right Foundation
(Phoenix Kappa League)

The Phoenix Kappa League's Arizona Guide Right Foundation aims to place training, experience, and the friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of youth.

The grant from REAP will help the Arizona Guide Right Foundation continue to “transform our young men from liabilities to assets” through work in STEM, academic excellence, social etiquette, and the arts.

Lights, Camera, Discover

Light, Camera, Discover provides opportunities for youth to grow confidence, build self-esteem, and learn teamwork by participating in workshops for performing and digital arts.

The grant from REAP will help Lights, Camera, Discover provides the children it serves with necessary equipment to ensure that participants can have a high-quality experience free of charge.

REAP is growing

The first half of 2016 was an amazing time of growth and reinforcement, as REAP is fast becoming a fixture in the Valley's growing Black philanthropic community.

REAP hosts Men of Distinction Dinner

REAP members plan to host the Men of Distinction Dinner annually. Click here to see more pictures from the event.

REAP's year began with the Men of Distinction Dinner, an opportunity to honor of Black History Month and celebrate men who possess attributes consistent with being men of distinction.

The members of REAP hosted the first of many annual Men of Distinction dinners at The Gladly.

With an intimate group of 30 Black men from all sectors, ages, and backgrounds, the dinner introduced those in attendance to REAP and its members, resulting in new members joining as well as individual contributions to the REAP fund.

REAP reaches $25,000 goal!

Members of REAP celebrated when their fund reached the $25,000 mark in July.

After its inception in May of 2014, the REAP fund has slowly built momentum, members, and fans. In July of 2016, REAP achieved our initial goal to have a total of $25,000 in combined contributions. With that goal met, the Arizona Community Foundation will provide a match of $25,000 that will be used to open a REAP endowment fund at ACF to ensure a legacy of continued growth and influence in the black community for years to come.

REAP Sower’s Corner

Books for Crocket Elementary 2nd Graders

Now in its second year, REAP Reads connects members of the giving circle to 2nd grade classes at Crocket Elementary School in the Balsz School District. Members read to each 2nd grade class every other Friday while promoting a love for reading, career exploration, consistent role modeling and much more.

The impact on the students, teachers, and REAP members is invaluable. REAP has contributed over 60 hours to this program in the last school year, and have read over one hundred and twenty books during that same time.



REAP Member Spotlight

The new Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Council, Mayo Medical School

The new Arizona Office Chief over Tobacco Prevention, Cessation and Secondhand Smoke for the Arizona Department of Health Services

N E W   M E M B E R

Austin Ross, M.S., is a speech pathologist who works in the Cartwright school district. He cites his reason for joining REAP as wanting to be connected to other men doing positive things as well as being able to get behind the mission of REAP. Austin is a graduate of Arizona State University.