AAWGEC Professional Development Program

The AAWGEC Professional Development Program is an initiative of the African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle to increase the participation level of African-American women in professional and leadership development opportunities.

Program details

The African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle (AAWGEC) believes that an empowered woman is one who is able to live her highest and best quality of life now, and in the future, and she empowers others in her circle of influence to do the same. The AAWGEC Professional Development Program is intended to empower African-American women through:

  • Information
  • Education
  • Recognition
  • Celebration
  • Connectivity
  • Collaboration

Leadership and professional development

African-American women who serve our community as entrepreneurs, CEOs, advocates, designers, veterans, leaders, managers, educators, businesswomen, volunteers, and parents often go without opportunities to receive professional and leadership development. They are also not recognized as often for their achievements. While we are proud of these women who are already leading from their current position, we want to support and empower them to do more for themselves and for their community.

The AAWGEC Professional Development Program seeks to help effectuate the following outcomes:

  • More African-American women in elected government positions
  • More African-American women in executive leadership in all sectors
  • More positive African-American role models for peers and for future generations.
  • More resources directed into African-American communities
  • More recognition of African-American women as leaders in their fields and the community
  • More African-American women members of boards and commissions that serve Arizona

Applicants may request financial support for leadership and professional development opportunities. They may also seek in-kind assistance such as coaching and mentoring services.

Application process

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing, as-needed basis. However, they must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the applicant’s program deadline. AAWGEC will consider all applications contingent upon availability of the Giving Circle's time, talents, and funds.

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