African-American Women's
Giving and Empowerment Circle

African-American philanthropy has deep roots in American culture. In Arizona, African Americans are active philanthropists who are established residents, engaged in civic life, and motivated by strong personal beliefs that compel their commitment to help others. 

African-American Women's Giving & Empowerment Circle

Empowering women, building community, giving together

Doing more, together

These and other statistics revealed in ACF's 2010 Black Philanthropy Survey are further illustrated by the African-American Women’s Giving & Empowerment Circle. 

Giving circles allow anyone to contribute to a common cause—either as a supporting donor or as an active member—and become a philanthropist. Founded in 2013, the African-American Women’s Giving & Empowerment Circle empowers women and girls in Arizona and transforms lives through the collective investment of time, treasure and talent.

The fund for the African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle is endowed with the Arizona Community Foundation and benefits from the economy of centralized management and administrative resources, while the giving circle’s members bring knowledge and expertise to address the community’s unique needs.

Members of the African-American Women’s Giving & Empowerment Circle:

  • Meet monthly to network and share ideas about how to address needs in our community. 
  • Contribute $1,000 per year, or $83.33 monthly, for a minimum of three years to support the giving circle’s grantmaking. 
  • Support the giving circle’s objectives with active involvement in the distribution of funds or the work of various established committees.

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