Black Philanthropy Initiative

The Black Philanthropy Initiative is a permanent endowment supported by African Americans to address relevant issues in Arizona's Black community.

Who we are

The Black Philanthropy Initiative started with a vision from the late Civil Rights Leader and Board member Jean Fairfax in 2008. Under the leadership of the Arizona Community Foundation staff, other Board members, and a dedicated task force comprised of respected African American leaders, BPI
was formed. 

The mission of BPI is to advance equity, leadership, and social justice for African Americans. Led by local volunteers, BPI is a movement and is comprised of charitable funds that engage African Americans and other interested Arizonans as active philanthropists to help achieve this mission.

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What we do


​2021-2022 Grantees

Through strategic grantmaking, the funds support nonprofit organizations that serve African Americans in such critical areas as health, education, economic development, and community building. Here is a list of our 2021-2022 grant recipients: 
  • ARG Cultivators Community
  • Arizona Martin Luther King Living the Dream Celebration
  • Black Family Genealogy and History Society
  • Beyond the Hurt
  • Chandler Unified School District's Camille Casteel High School - Black Student Union
  • Gamma Mu Educational Services, Inc.
  • Community Educational Services, Inc.
  • Project Roots, Inc. 
  • State of Black Arizona

Social Justice Project

BPI established the Social Justice Project with a purpose of working to improve economic equity in Arizona's African American communities statewide. The project’s focus has been helping to close the wealth gap through supporting, tracking, and evaluating Black-owned businesses by partnering with nonprofits, ARG Cultivators Community, S.E.E. M.E. Program, and the State of Black Arizona.

S.E.E. Me Program

The S.E.E. Me Program raises the visibility and opportunities of minority-owned businesses across the state of Arizona. In the first year of the program, the cohort acquired over $1.2 million in additional funding. Click to watch this 60-second story of cohort member Lavon Jackson Maccanico, owner of Right Way Automotive in Mesa.

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