Philanthropy for All

Philanthropy for All Celebration 2019We believe in inclusion—that bringing multiple voices and perspectives to the table is the best way to solve community problems and take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

At the Arizona Community Foundation, we celebrate the rich cultural diversity that defines our state. Our cultural giving initiatives engage diverse communities in addressing relevant needs. 

Black Philanthropy Initiative

The success of the Black Philanthropy Initiative at the Arizona Community Foundation is based on data gathered during a year-long, in-depth analysis of critical needs in the Black community. As a result, the Black Philanthropy Initiative has invested in programs that improve quality of life and enhance prosperity among African Americans.

Three giving circles are part of the Black Philanthropy Initiative. The African-American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle was formed in 2013; and Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy, or REAP, was formed in 2014; and Students Engaged in Ethical Donations, or the SEED Youth Giving Circle, was formed in 2020.

Latinos Unidos

The Latinos Unidos initiative at the Arizona Community Foundation builds on the success and momentum of activities dating back to 2005 with a focus on creating a model of philanthropy within Arizona’s Latino community. Latinos Unidos fosters the giving of talent, time and financial resources that build on the many assets and inherent strengths of Arizona's Latino communities.

Giving Circles