Strategic Investment Priority:
Arts & Culture

Paintbrushes and paints on a wooden table

A thriving arts scene and diverse cultural offerings bring enjoyment to residents and visitors and are important drivers of our economy.

Arizona's appreciation for the arts runs deep

A vibrant arts and culture community encourages us to express ourselves in creative, innovative ways and celebrate our state’s rich history and diversity.

In recognition of these valuable contributions, the Arizona Community Foundation prioritizes arts and culture as a key area for strategic investment and collaboration.

The Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts

To enable investments in arts and culture to benefit Arizona residents and communities, the Arizona Community Foundation created the Newton and Betty Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts. This fund honors the legacy of the Rosenzweig family, whose generosity and philanthropic contributions helped shape the charitable landscape of the Phoenix community. The Rosenzweig Fund aims to strengthen the vitality, impact and sustainability of the arts sector statewide.

Supporting the Arizona arts through grants and prizes

The Rosenzweig Fund for the Arts supports opportunities for artists and organizations through collaborative grantmaking, prizes, grant funding, impact loans and other forms of creative capital. 

  • Grants from this fund impact artists, art organization and the arts sector through support of artists’ work, programs and capacity building. 
  • Prizes raise the profile of public art and recognize individuals in honor of past and future work.
  • Creative Capital catalyzes community change, strengthens local and regional partnerships, and provides financial support for physical infrastructure. These investments focus on initiatives that improve the vitality and sustainability of the arts sector.

Your support strengthens our arts and cultural communities

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