Why ACF: Expertise and Service

There are many reasons to choose the Arizona Community Foundation and Affiliates for your charitable giving, including:

You Receive Prompt, Personal Service

We can establish most funds in one brief meeting at no cost or low cost to you. We work to keep paperwork to a minimum, and communicate in simple, direct terms.

Your Gift will be Used Wisely

Because we pool contributions, investment management and administrative costs are kept to a minimum, so your contribution supports programs rather than overhead. And because the Arizona Community Foundation is a public charity, all donations qualify for the maximum available tax deduction for charitable contributions.

Your Gift Will Address Current and Emerging Needs

The Arizona Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, Affiliate Advisory Boards and staff live and work in communities throughout Arizona. We understand how local and regional issues affect our state as a whole. Our broad perspective ensures that the grants we distribute are targeted where they will do the most good.

What a deeply rewarding experience our family has had giving through ACF. For the past decade, ACF has provided us with the expertise, structure and capital growth that have enabled us to grant college scholarships to underprivileged high school seniors. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to get to know some unforgettable students whose stories of hardship, survival and perseverance have touched us and inspired us. The experience has not only been gratifying, but the process has enhanced the closeness of our family.

— Ben Myers
Founder, Myers Family Charitable Fund

You Have Many Giving Options

We offer a variety of ways to give. The best option for you depends on your financial situation, what you want to achieve, and how you choose to accomplish your objectives. Our professional staff is always happy to sit down with you and your professional advisor to discuss options.

Your Gift will Give Forever

Thanks to the power of endowment and time, a $50,000 gift to the Arizona Community Foundation can produce nearly $200,000 in grants and still grow to a balance of more than $219,000 in 50 years (based on 8% returns and 5% spending).

Your Gift is Secure

The Arizona Community Foundation prudently manages its investments for total return. Each year, we publish an independent audit of our financial position, our statement of activities, distributions and grants awarded in our annual report.

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