The Power of Endowment

Endowments are permanent funds in which the principal is preserved and invested, with a portion of the earnings distributed annually for charitable purposes.

Providing for community needs in perpetuity

An endowed gift is made and invested for long term growth. A portion of the fund is distributed to charitable interests annually, forever. Meanwhile, with prudent investment, the remaining fund balance continues to grow.

Power of endowment illustration

The power of endowment

Raymond Huger Fund for Mental Health

The importance placed on mental health and wellness is evolving each day. In the past year and a half alone, conversations around mental health have become front and center as we face the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Endowed funds have the power to address challenges facing communities today while honoring the wishes of those who had the foresight to build charitable capital for future needs. Dr. Raymond Huger, a psychiatrist who practiced for over 50 years in Phoenix, created the Raymond Huger Fund for Mental Health at ACF to address mental health challenges facing communities throughout Arizona.
Since its establishment in 1987, the fund has supported organizations like Prescott Noon Lions Foundation, The Poore Medical Clinic, Gompers Habilitation Center, Southeastern Arizona Behavioral Health Services, and many more.
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