Private Foundation Services

Mobilizing philanthropy for the enduring benefit of our communities is a key tenet in the Arizona Community Foundation's work. It's a goal we share with many private and family foundations.

Simpler Management with ACF

While rewarding, administering the grantmaking of your private foundation can be time-consuming and even costly. If you enjoy the experience of your private foundation but seek simpler management, ACF provides a variety of fee-based, back-office services, including:

  • Working with trustees to craft a charitable mission statement, identifying your foundation’s goals and grantmaking priorities and assisting in developing consistent grant guidelines.
  • Providing input on community needs and conditions.
  • Evaluating grant proposals to assure alignment with your priorities and guidelines.
  • Processing grant requests, including a review and summary report on proposal quality. Assessments are made of the organization’s financial condition, strength of organizational leadership and operations, and program effectiveness. Site visits are often made and can include private foundation board members.
  • Due diligence, grant administration and check processing.
  • Monitoring and evaluating grant recipients.
  • Following grant decisions made by trustees, sending out notification letters, writing checks and reporting on the status of grants. 
  • Financial reporting.

Many donors choose to maintain both a private foundation and a fund with their community foundation. The two can work in concert to achieve certain charitable and financial objectives.

Converting Your Private Foundation to a Fund at ACF

Though many people enjoy the experience of giving for years through a private foundation, sometimes private foundations run their course. In these cases, the Arizona Community Foundation provides a good option for the transfer of funds—enabling you to terminate your private foundation yet continue its charitable mission. Terminations may happen when:

  • The work of a private foundation has become overwhelming.
  • The next generation is uninterested or you have no heirs, but you wish to create and preserve a lasting legacy.
  • Administration of the foundation seems too costly or cumbersome.
  • You or your advisors identify a tax planning need for the higher public charity tax benefits.
  • Assets in the foundation have declined to an extent where the costs and annual payout requirement make it impractical to maintain.
  • You become concerned about exposing yourself to liability, excise taxes and penalties associated with private foundations.
  • You are interested in tapping into community grantmaking expertise so that your charity can make a bigger impact.

Donor advised funds and supporting organizations are both excellent, cost-efficient alternatives to private foundations.

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