Nonprofit Endowments

Strong nonprofits are vital to the health of our communities and an organizational fund established at the Arizona Community Foundation or one of its Affiliates contributes to a nonprofit's financial strength.

Reliable source of financial support

Two fund types offered by ACF suit nearly any charitable objective. Both options for nonprofits offer a reliable source of financial support for the organization, earning interest through pooled investments.

Nonprofit Endowment

With a permanent endowment fund, a nonprofit organization can create a fund that generates consistent investment income, which can be drawn down in set annual payments to the organization or reinvested in the fund to grow over time. The permanence of an endowment fund is both appealing and reassuring to donors and nonprofit boards of directors who seek the enduring value of a dedicated source of income to support the organization they love, today and forever. 

Nonprofit Reserve Fund

A nonprofit reserve fund gives an organization the opportunity to save non-endowed, medium-term or emergency dollars in a professionally managed fund that can generate investment income, year after year, but also remains fully accessible with a vote of the nonprofit’s board. A portion of the earned income can be drawn down in set annual payments or reinvested in the fund to grow over time, according to the organization’s needs. It’s a flexible, simple way for nonprofits to build funds for a project or future operational needs.

Support and Services

We manage nonprofit endowment and reserve funds for more than 200 organizations statewide, each benefiting from: 

  • Professional investment management. Gain access to our large investment pools with high-performing assets and low investment fees.
  • Relief from administrative burdens. We handle all accounting, reporting and legal requirements.
  • Philanthropic Services support. Our professional staff provides planned giving tools and support, including assisting you in structuring, accepting and managing complicated gifts.
  • Ongoing education. Courses in planned giving and endowment building are available through the Arizona Endowment Building Institute, with discounts for organizations with funds managed at ACF or an Affiliate.

Creating an endowment for our nonprofit with ACF has allowed us to give community members a new means by which they can contribute to Prescott College’s legacy of community service, environmental stewardship and work towards social justice.

— Dr. Dan Garvey
President, Prescott College

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