Types of Funds

The Arizona Community Foundation and Affiliates offer a variety of fund types to help you achieve maximum impact in the areas that matter to you.

Creating Your Fund

When you create a fund, it carries a unique name, often for you, your family or to memorialize a loved one. Grants or scholarships are issued in the name of the fund, unless you desire anonymity.

I have a small foundation and normally, it would be difficult for me to find and research nonprofit organizations. But with my fund at ACF, I have access to the best research, seminars and affiliate groups—filled with people with like interests. I'm able to make much better investing decisions than I would be able to otherwise.

— John Couleur, Founder
Katybug Social Investment Fund

Named Fund for the Common Good

Grants are awarded from these funds to a wide range of needs, now and in the future. These gifts also empower the Community Foundation to respond to emergencies, which require flexible funding.

Field of Interest Fund

You decide the fund’s focus, such as education, the arts, animal welfare or scientific research, and the Foundation awards grants to high-performing organizations and programs in your selected field.

Scholarship Fund

Assist students pursuing postsecondary education—from freshman to graduate-level—and help to set eligibility criteria. Four service levels are available to suit your desired level of involvement.

Designated Fund

Grants from these funds provide a reliable annual income stream to one or more of your favorite organizations, forever.

Nonprofit Fund

Funds are created by nonprofits to support their work in perpetuity, save for a major project or plan for an emergency. Two different fund types serve nearly any organizational objective.

Advised Fund

Ideal for those who wish to support multiple organizations and programs throughout the year. Our staff can help identify nonprofits and programs, ensure their charitable status and provide grantmaking and administrative support.

Collaborative Fund

A group contributes to a single fund, with grants recommended by a representative committee, often supporting a common program or cause.

Supporting Organization

An excellent, lower-cost, burden-free alternative to a private foundation. Established by an individual, family, or business with a gift of at least $3 million, supporting organizations have a board of directors with some members appointed by you, with ACF providing management and administration. You maintain personal involvement and support important causes while enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a public charity.

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