Giving Locally

To achieve our mission, the Arizona Community Foundation and its regional offices catalyze the generosity of donors and partners around the state and focus on pressing needs and opportunities.

Serving local needs

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With regional offices serving communities from Yuma to Flagstaff, from Sierra Vista to Sedona, and the Gila Valley to Yavapai County, the Arizona Community Foundation's powerful partnership of committed Arizonans has been growing since the late 1980s and working together to achieve positive, lasting change in the place we call home.

Today, the Arizona Community Foundation and its six regional offices serve communities across the state, with total charitable assets exceeding $159.4 million. From funds of ACF and its regional offices, grants are made in all 15 Arizona counties. 

Regional offices benefit from cost-efficient, centralized professional services, including financial and investment management, administrative and technical expertise, and marketing resources, freeing up local staff and leadership to focus on asset building and community needs. 

A Foundation as Diverse as Arizona

The Affiliate system unites the best thinking of local leadership with efficient, centralized resources to mobilize philanthropy for the enduring benefit of our communities.

In addition to ACF's central office in Phoenix, we have five regional offices. Boards of Advisors comprised of local leaders oversee the business of each regional office, including local grantmaking. A Council with designated representatives from each regional office help guide the statewide network.

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