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The Latina Giving Circle was formed in 2009 and empowers the Latino community through collective and strategic philanthropic efforts.

The Latina Giving Circle relies on its members' time, talent and treasure to support Arizona’s communities. Like other giving circles, the Latina Giving Circle allows individual donors to pool their resources to make a bigger impact on charitable causes of shared interest. The organization, which is part of the Latinos Unidos initiative at the Arizona Community Foundation, focuses on building a multimillion-dollar endowed fund to support Arizona communities, with special emphasis on Latino populations, indefinitely.

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Historically, Latinos have contributed to the community through financial and in-kind support of our neighborhoods, family, places of worship and schools. However, Latinos are not adequately represented in organized philanthropic institutions and donor advised funds when compared to the increasing Latino population in Arizona.

Nationwide, by the year 2050, the Latino population will increase by 200 percent. While our population and needs are growing, less than 2 percent of all funding from U.S. foundations goes to Latino organizations. Nonprofit organizations serving the Latino community are in need of support, and Latinos are increasingly positioned to participate as substantial contributors to the nation’s social investment capital.

An opportunity to empower Latinas and create a legacy

If you would like to know more about the Latina Giving Circle, consider attending an upcoming meeting. Monthly meetings feature presentations and discussions on topics of interest in the Latino community, as well as the business of the Giving Circle. Click on the title of the next meeting listed below for a description of the upcoming program and the link for registering to attend.

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Members of the Latina Giving Circle are professional women who are committed to creating positive change in four areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • Leadership

It is an effort by Latinos, for Latinos, with support from those who believe in the potential of Latinos, regardless of race or background.

Each Latina Giving Circle Member contributes $1,000 annually and participates on one or more committees (health, immigration, education, leadership). Each committee develops a grantmaking strategy for its issue area. Funding recommendations from each committee are presented to the Governance Council for final decision, and ratified by the Arizona Community Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Latina Giving Circle Governance Council is Latina-led and meets quarterly. Members of the Governance Council participate in at least three meetings each year and one or more of the Program Area Committee meetings. Participation on a Committee is open to all men and women who are interested in the priorities of the Latina Giving Circle, including Latinos and non-Latinos, and fulfill the $1,000 annual contribution.

Your $1,000 annual gift can be made in installments over three, six or 12 months.

Join the Latina GIving Circle

Support the Latina Giving Circle

We invite you to join this movement, to get involved in creating a stronger Arizona and become an active philanthropist. If you wish to support the Latina Giving Circle and choose not to participate as a member, your charitable gift is also welcome. Use the form below to add your support to the Latina Giving Circle fund with a secure online gift.

If you prefer, you may send your check to:
          Arizona Community Foundation
          Latina Giving Circle
          2201 E. Camelback Road, Suite 405B
          Phoenix, AZ  85016

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The Health Care Focus Area of the Latina Giving Circle is determined by members who have volunteered to define how our funding could impact this area. The Health Care Committee is considering how the Giving Circle could support improvements in health care in light of the Affordable Care Act.


The Immigration Focus Area of the Latina Giving Circle is determined by members who have volunteered to define how our funding could impact this area. In 2009, the Giving Circle awarded a $2,500 grant to Border Action Network to support an immigration hotline to provide individuals who believed they were wrongly questioned about citizenship status an opportunity to file a complaint. The Immigration Committee is open to meeting with agencies that share the goal of comprehensive immigration reform.


The Education Focus Area of the Latina Giving Circle is determined by members who have volunteered to define how our funding could impact this area. The Latina Giving Circle is formalizing a request-for-proposal process to identify and fund educational projects that have a wide and sustainable impact in closing the educational achievement gap for marginalized students throughout the state of Arizona.


The Leadership Focus Area of the Latina Giving Circle is determined by members who have volunteered to define how our funding could impact this area. In 2012, the Giving Circle awarded two grants in this area.

  • $5,500 was awarded to support the National Latino Children’s Institute Summit in Arizona to examine the status of young Latinos and the unique challenges they face.
  • A $5,000 award to support the Latino Public Policy Center at the Morrison institute at Arizona State University is helping to increase the state’s understanding of Latino issues as they relate to Arizona public policy, education, workforce, leadership and economy.

Currently, the Leadership Committee is exploring professional leadership development opportunities for women of color in Arizona.

Projects we support

If you would like to submit your organization's project for consideration by the Latina Giving Circle, use the form below to provide details about the support you need.

The Latina Giving Circle welcomes a diversity of proposals. Funding may be awarded for a variety of projects serving our community. We will consider each project that:

  • Adds value to an existing project
  • Empowers people to educate and mobilize others
  • Builds on local assets already in place
  • Increases funds available to implement a project
  • Increases awareness about and action in support of one of the Giving Circle’s priority areas of immigration, health, education and leadership
      -- Public discussions
      -- Advocacy projects
      -- Product development or new services (e.g. help lines)
      -- Leadership development (e.g. conferences, retreats)
  • Builds a case for change
      -- Strategic: Informed strategy to more effectively pursue goals and impact
      -- Situational: A recognized connection between the request and the impact, either long-term or short-term; and justification for the timing of the request activity (e.g. conference, research)
      -- Actionable: Evidence the project can be achieved and will move the grantee toward established goals

Since the Latina Giving Circle cannot support all projects, the following types of projects have been identified as falling outside of our priority areas and would not be considered for funding:

  • Support for a program over time
  • Duplication of existing programs or services

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Talk with us

If you have questions about the Latina Giving Circle, contact Elisa De La Vara, Senior Director, Philanthropic Services - Community Initiatives at the Arizona Community Foundation.

You may also call her at 602.682.2013.

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Founding Members of the Latina Giving Circle

Paulina Vazquez Morris

Karla Robles

Lydia Aranda

Belen Gonzalez

Hortencia Garcia