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The Arizona Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts to funds associated with ACF of Sedona are tax deductible, subject to individual limitations.

Give to the local community fund

The local community fund helps to build strong communities across Sedona and the Verde Valley. With a broad grantmaking purpose, grants are made based on the greatest community needs. To mamke your tax-deductible donation with a credit card to the local community fund, fill out the secure form below. If you prefer to make a credit card gift by phone or if you have questions, you may call 928.399.7218.  

You can also give to a field of interest fund if you want your gift to serve a specific need. 

Field of Interest Funds

When you give to one of the field of interest funds below, your contribution will be granted to organizations within Sedona and the Verde Valley serving that area of focus.