Serving Graham and
Greenlee Counties

A snow field and a group setting up a hot air balloon.

The Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley is a growing and permanent collection of funds created by and for the benefit of communities in Graham and Greenlee Counties.

Making a difference with endowment

Individuals, families and businesses make tax-deductible charitable gifts in the form of cash, real estate, marketable securities or other assets. Memorial gifts in the name of loved ones, planned gifts and legacies established in end-of-life documents are common ways people can give to the Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley. A portion of the earnings from these professionally managed funds are distributed to local nonprofit organizations each year as grants.

The Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley has over $7.2 million in assets. Since inception, ACF of the Gila Valley has awarded more than $4.6 million to local nonprofit organizations and students.

The City of Safford, the Town of Thatcher, and Graham County are partners in growing the funds. Work is underway to partner with additional governmental bodies and expand regional endowments that serve the needs of communities throughout Graham and Greenlee counties.

Graham Greenlee Grant Celebration

Register for the event on September 27