Community Funds in
Southeast Arizona

Charitable donations are collected in a Community Fund to serve a broad array of needs within a defined geographic area.

A savings account for the community

Community Funds are endowments, permanent funds in which the principal is invested, with a portion of the returns awarded locally as grants and scholarships. The Fund continues to grow forever, creating a permanent source of financial support for local needs.

Community Funds are developed by local residents and built with gifts from many people, corporations and service organizations. They are guided by a local steering committee that is empowered to award grants.

Creating a Community Fund

  • $25,000 minimum to establish the fund
  • $100,000 balance required before grants are awarded from the fund
  • A local steering committee that is committed to the fund's growth

Local support for nonprofit organizations

Several community funds serve Southeast Arizona.

  • The Patagonia Regional Community Fund is a family of charitable funds created for the community, by the community. Established in 1998, the Patagonia Regional Community Fund unites the gifts of residents to improve the quality of life in eastern Santa Cruz County. Find out more about the Patagonia Regional Community Fund.
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  • The Douglas Area Community Fund was created with a matching grant which established an endowment fund of $100,000. These funds are invested, with other donor gifts, as part of ACF’s endowment pool. Thanks to the power of endowment, the Community Fund’s invested funds provide a permanent source of funding in support of youth programs, leadership development and entrepreneurialism throughout the Douglas area.
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  • The Northern Cochise Fund was originally conceived in early 2009 when a group of volunteers decided to partner with the Arizona Community Foundation to create a community fund that would serve the San Simon and Sulfur Springs Valleys. The Northern Cochise Fund was officially established in September 2009. Grants made from the endowment will support Youth, Leadership, Culture and Entrepreneurship in the geographic areas of Willcox, Bonita, Bowie, San Simon, Cochise, Dos Cabezas, Dragoon and Pearce/Sunsites.
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