Ginny Clark HLAA-AZ Fund


In memory of Virginia Lee "Ginny" Clark, the Ginny Clark HLAA-AZ Fund has been established to support education about hearing loss and to raise awareness of the hearing loss community. Shortly after birth, Ginny was given medication that saved her life, but it caused medical complications, which included a profound hearing loss. With the assistance of a strong support team, Ginny graduated from college and became a dedicated Early Intervention teacher.

Her passion was helping the hard of hearing and deaf community. Among her services—from 1981 and until her death in 2016, Ginny served as the Arizona State Chapter Coordinator for the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), formerly known as Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH); facilitated HLAA - AZ chapters; served on both the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) Task Force and their Board of Commissioners for 15 years; and co-chaired the 1997 SHHH convention. For her commitment and leadership, she received multiple recognitions, culminating with the 2008 A. T. Still University Crystal Award for Arizona individuals with commitment to improving the lives of others, the ACDHH Merit Certificate Award for her dedication to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in Arizona, and the 2010 HLAA Nancy Wessner Outstanding State Coordinator Award.

Michele Michaels, ACDHH Hard of Hearing Specialist, stated, “Ginny's work to support, advocate, mentor, educate and uplift HLAA chapters and hard of hearing individuals never ceased. Her friendship, support, leadership and passion will be missed.”

Ginny, an enthusiastic family member, will be missed by family and friends. She was energetic, inspirational, fun loving and joyful. Her heart was big and through volunteering, she touched many lives. Your remembrance will help the continuation of her efforts and will benefit the hearing loss community.

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