Governance & Oversight

A variety of tools are available to clarify the policies and procedures of the Arizona Community Foundation.

Investment oversight

With its ACF Investment Committee overseeing the management of the Arizona Community Foundation’s investment program, the Foundation relies on seasoned investment and business professionals drawn from our Board of Directors and the larger community. The Chief Investment Officer provides day-to-day management and reporting for the Investment Committee. 

Together, the chief investment officer, the Investment Committee and ACF’s investment consultant, Pavilion Advisory Group, formulate investment policy, asset allocation, investment manager selections and evaluate and monitor investment performance. 

Topics discussed and investment decisions made by the Investment Committee are reviewed by ACF’s Board of Directors, while an independent auditing firm provides an annual review of the Foundation’s financial records.

Publications and documents

Additional publications and printed versions of the items listed here are available from the Arizona Community Foundation. Call 602.381.1400 to request materials. 

General Overviews

Policies & Guidelines

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