BOOST! Prize Competition

Fann Contracting employee Erik Kohn (left); young girl at GoodTHREADS (right)

The BOOST! Prize competition provides a lift for companies to develop and execute innovative philanthropy initiatives.

Corporate philanthropy programs get a BOOST

The Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation launched its first-ever BOOST! Prize competition, offering up to two prizes at $40,000 each to recognize mid-sized, Arizona-based companies that are ready to commit more deeply to their charitable efforts and make philanthropy a core part of their operations.

After receiving applications from more than a dozen companies, a selection committee composed of community members and ACF board members and staff presented a slate of winners to the leadership at The Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy and ACF.

2017 BOOST! Winners

In early 2017, ACF's Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy announced Fann Contracting, Inc. and Goodmans Interior Structures as the two BOOST! Prize Winners.

Fann Contracting makes a difference with its corporate giving program

Fann Contracting, Inc., a Prescott-based highway and civil construction company, used the BOOST! Prize dollars to grow its corporate giving program Fann Employees Making a Difference (FEMAD).

Through employee engagement, matching gifts, and in-kind giving, FEMAD supports charities that provide assistance to adults with disabilities, individuals with health-related issues, and programs that relate to the development of children and healing for families in crisis.

For President Mike Fann and his son, Jason, who is part-owner, this program offers a way to proudly follows in his parents’ footsteps. By sharing what the company has learned along the way, he hopes to inspire other businesses to expand their own charitable leadership in the community.

Goodmans uses BOOST! to carry out its commitment to the community

Goodmans Interior Structures is a family-owned business known in Arizona and New Mexico for its customer-centered service, innovative office design, and commitment to the community. 

Goodmans used the BOOST! Prize dollars to enhance three of its many programs for giving back to the community. The prize supported GoodTHREADS, a clothing bank in Southern Arizona that collects and distributes clothing to foster, adoptive, and kinship families. The award also provided the AIM to Make a Difference program with a website portal for furniture repurposing that matches local nonprofits with surplus used office furniture. Finally, the BOOST! dollars contributed to Good Inc., an incubator that gives mission-aligned start-ups access to the Goodmans world-class work environment.

Goodman is an outspoken champion of using capitalism as a force for good and plans to use a portion of the prize money to encourage other leaders to do more.

Report sheds light on corporate philanthropy

The L. William Seidman Research Institute at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University conducted a study to examine the motivations for corporate philanthropy, potential benefits for implementing firms, and examples of societal impacts. This 2015 study, The Business Case for Corporate Philanthropy explores the business case for corporate philanthropy, on behalf of the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation.