LGBTQ Philanthropy

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation contributes to an Arizona and society that advances justice and opportunity for LGBTQ people and the communities where they live.

Unity through diversity

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy supports Arizona’s LGBTQ community in addressing relevant and timely needs through collective, impactful philanthropy. Donors can give to a community fund focused on a particular area of interest, or establish their own fund to address causes of personal importance. 

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The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy offers ongoing educational workshops, seminars and special events that unite LGBTQ individuals, allied professionals and nonprofit organizations around topics of shared concern.

Philanthropy from and for the LGBTQ community

The Arizona Community Foundation first demonstrated its commitment to causes for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning communities through a dedicated fund in the early 2000s. The fund supported capacity building for a variety of nonprofits serving the LGBTQ community, including programs for health, tolerance and diversity learning, education, research and the arts.

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy was established by the Arizona Community Foundation in 2013, with specific goals to:

  • Inspire and build philanthropy among Arizona’s LGBTQ community.
  • Build awareness of and engagement between LGBTQ community members and the Arizona Community Foundation.
  • Encourage philanthropic investment by the LGBTQ community.
  • Enhance support for LGBTQ-related nonprofit organizations.
  • Build awareness of the philanthropic impact and potential of the LGBTQ community among beneficiary organizations through grantmaking and community forums.
  • Demonstrate to straight allies the potential prominence and impact of supporting LGBTQ community philanthropic causes.


Growing support

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy supports programs that include anti-bullying outreach, crisis hotline funding, business equality indexing, grief support, and capacity building and strategic planning for organizations serving the LGBTQ community. 

Since 2013, the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy has awarded over $624,000 in grants and scholarships to community organizations and students.

Funds & Scholarships

Choice, flexibility, convenience and impact

In recent years, the LGBTQ community’s philanthropic priorities have shifted, reflecting both progress and continuing challenges. Today, the focus is increasingly on such issues as non-discrimination, anti-bullying efforts in conjunction with other victims support, personal health, wellness and safety, individual success and economic empowerment, leadership development, and successful aging.

There has been steady interest in LGBTQ student scholarships for Arizona community colleges and universities, leadership and mentoring programs for youth and adult professionals, and housing for youth and seniors. In addition, support and infrastructure development for LGBTQ nonprofits, and leadership development for executive and Board leadership of LGBTQ organizations, have been identified as a community need.

Varied philanthropic fund opportunities and grantmaking programs allow donors to customize and optimize their philanthropy, with opportunities through the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy that include:

  • Field of interest funds
  • Donor advised funds
  • Scholarships
  • Planned giving and legacy funds
  • Collaborative funding opportunities

Advisory Council

Advice and guidance

A group of dedicated individuals serve on the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LBGTQ Philanthropy’s Advisory Council, providing insight and recommendations for grants and scholarships awarded by the Arizona Community Foundation. Members of the Advisory Council are: 

  • Shelley Cohn
  • Kathie Gummere, Esq.
  • Marc Kellenberger
  • Jessica Lyon
  • David Martinez III
  • Steve May
  • George Nunes
  • Michael Remedi
  • Richard Tollefson Jr.

Give to the Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy Community Fund is a component fund of the Arizona Community Foundation (EIN: 86-0348306)