LGBTQ Philanthropy

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy at the Arizona Community Foundation contributes to an Arizona and society that advances justice and opportunity for LGBTQ people and the communities where they live.

About the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center

In 2005 a group of dedicated community leaders came together to raise funds that would benefit the LGBTQ community in Arizona. Fast-forward to today and the Kellenberger + Tollefson Center has secured nearly $30 million in gifts and distributed over $624,000 in grants and scholarships to-date. 

The Kellenberger + Tollefson Center responds to statewide need through three program focus areas:

  • Youth - Foster an environment where every child can achieve happiness and live to their full potential. 
  • Aging/Seniors - Ensure seniors are able to live free from discrimination and can age with dignity. 
  • Transgender people - Improve the well-being of transgender communities.

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