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ACF Announces Leadership Changes

Jeff Sauter, Chief Operations & Administrative Officer, has announced his retirement effective December 31, 2019, and will be relocating with his family to Boise, Idaho in the new year.

Beginning in 2020, Jeff will consult as special advisor to the President & CEO on important areas of the foundation’s business, including management of real estate and other illiquid assets, complex gifts, financial analytics and planning, and long-range technology planning and strategy. 

Jeff’s leadership and extraordinary analytical and financial management skills transformed the financial effectiveness of ACF. He played the leading role in ensuring consecutive 4-star Charity Navigator ratings over his five-year tenure, oversaw the year-by-year growth in cash reserves, produced operating surpluses on an annual basis, and managed extraordinary annual growth. Among many achievements, he led the development of policies and practices that improved ACF’s operating capacity and efficiency, and our overall revenue position.  

Jeff’s announcement necessitated a wider reorganization. Kyla Quintero, Chief Financial Officer, will take over leadership of the administrative and human resources teams and work closely with a newly reorganized information services business unit. In the upcoming calendar year, ACF will be implementing multiple new technology platforms designed for more efficient and effective financial management, intuitive and user friendly donor interfaces, and improved grant processing and scholarship administration.

Eric Nystrom appointed Senior Vice President

To assist with ACF's major technology upgrade, Eric Nystrom has been appointed Senior Vice President, Information Services. He will oversee the information services team, implement new IT systems and infrastructure, enhance cybersecurity, replace office automation tools, and manage the execution of the ACF technology plan. Eric will report directly to the President & CEO and will join the executive team. 

Eric recently held the position of Director of Technology for MRA Associates, an investment and wealth management firm that operates similarly to ACF. Prior to joining MRA Associates, Eric worked for 25 years as an independent executive consultant for a number of companies, including Berkshire Hathaway, Walter Investments, Micron Electronics, and Northern States Power (now Xcel Energy). While at Berkshire Hathaway’s Energy Group, Eric was responsible for a major business turnaround in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, beginning with the regulator threatening to revoke the company’s business license and 24 months later ranking among the top five electric/gas companies in England for customer service and timely and accurate billing. At Walter Investments, Eric managed the successful acquisition of a smaller mortgage servicing company and the successful business and systems integration with an acquired company several times its size. Eric has worked and consulted in a number of industries, including banking, financial services, insurance, investment, public utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications and networking, computer systems and storage, and software vendors. 

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