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Arizona Community Foundation's Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy awards $39,395 in grants to community organizations

The Arizona Community Foundation’s Center for LGBTQ Philanthropy is pleased to announce grant distributions for its 2018 grant cycle. The grant recipients include organizations that are serving the LGBTQ community in the areas of Health & Aging, Nondiscrimination and Transgender Rights. This year’s grant cycle follows a three-year partnership with the FLBTQI + Adam Queer Youth Initiative, which provided support to organizations working to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth in their local communities.

During the 2018 grant cycle, a total of $39,395 was awarded to the following nine organizations: 

New Pathways for Youth Inc. | Phoenix | Grant amount: $4,000
New Pathways for Youth offers mentoring and life skill development programs across greater Phoenix. Grant funding will support the organization’s LGBTQ Mentor Training and Development Program. 

Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS | Phoenix | Grant amount: $5,000
Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS is a clinical, education, behavioral health, prevention and nutrition support center dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS. The award will support the Southwest Center Transitions Program.

Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation | Phoenix | Grant amount: $4,825
The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation provides philanthropic funding for the hospital’s treatment, care and programs. The grant will be used to develop its program A Right, Not a Privilege: Expanding Access to Gender Inclusive and Affirming Behavioral Health Care.

One•n•ten | Phoenix | Grant amount: $4,000
One•n•ten provides social and service programs to LGBTQ youth across the state. The nonprofit organization will use this funding to support services for transgender youth.

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, Inc. | Tucson | Grant amount: $4,350
Southern Arizona Gender Alliance supports and advocates for the region’s community of trans identities. This grant will support the development of the TRANS*FORM COCHISE program.

Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization | Scottsdale | Grant amount: $4,220
Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization is a support group that empowers transgender children, teens and their families in a supportive and inclusive environment. This funding will support the organization’s operations during their 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Greater Yavapai County Coalition | Prescott | Grant amount: $5,000
The Greater Yavapai County Coalition (GYCC) is a non-partisan organization that provides support to members, family, friends and allies of the LGBTQ+ community by referring to inclusive services and support. With this award, GYCC will work to connect LGBTQ+ communities through collaboration and partnership.

Trans Queer Pueblo – Semilla de liberación | Phoenix | Grant amount: $3,000
Trans Queer Pueblo is a LGBTQ+ migrant community of color working to cultivate leadership and generate community power to fight for social justice for all. The grant will support programs focused on economic justice and community defense.

Equality Arizona | Phoenix | Grant amount: $5,000
Equality Arizona is a statewide advocacy organization working to achieve the full social, economic and political inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. This funding will go toward developing LGBTQ civic engagement and education.

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