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Statement on Voting Reform

For more than 43 years, the Arizona Community Foundation has been devoted to improving communities across our great state. We exist to help Arizonans make our communities better through philanthropic giving to a broad array of community priorities ranging from education to healthcare, housing to the arts, and preserving our natural environment. Community philanthropy represents democracy in its truest form–the people of a community coming together to make their communities more durable, grounded, and inclusive. It’s the American ideal, as important as another great American ideal of one person, one vote.
A number of voting reform measures currently being considered in the Arizona Legislature threaten to erode civic participation and community building. There are few things more sacred in the United States than the fundamental right to participate in our democracy through voting and civic engagement. Arizona’s existing voting laws have served our communities well, especially the flexibility offered by the vote by mail program. As a community, we should seek to expand programs that make civic participation simple and accessible for all Arizonans. As such, the Arizona Community Foundation joins other business and community leaders in opposing the voting reform measures being considered by the Arizona Legislature and asks our elected leaders to vote no on these bills.
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