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ACF and Valley of the Sun United Way partner to deliver COVID-19 grants to Arizona nonprofits

First-round immediate relief grants totaling $235,000 distributed this week

The Arizona Community Foundation and Valley of the Sun United Way have joined together in a coordinated effort to help ensure nonprofits throughout Arizona receive the necessary support to assist those enduring the greatest economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Philanthropic leaders are collaborating to ensure funds are distributed expeditiously to nonprofits working diligently in the communities across the Valley and state, making a difference for the families and individuals who are most immediately impacted.

Contributions to these two funds will help stabilize community organizations as they deal with increased demand for services resulting from COVID-19, both in Maricopa County and statewide. Within two weeks, ACF and Valley of the Sun United Way have together raised over $5.5 million, with initial grants of $235,000 distributed to 16 local nonprofit organizations providing immediate relief during the crisis. An additional $1 million in grants is anticipated during the second round of funding expected to be distributed early next week.

The nonprofits receiving immediate relief grant funding during this first round include:

  • Arizona Immigrant and Refugee Services 
    Serve refugees, SIV's, and immigrants in Phoenix to provide: food security, childcare, education support, healthcare, human services, and eldercare.
  • Arizona YWCA Metro Phoenix
    Increased demand for meal preparation, meal delivery, and drive-up meal access at their Glendale congregate meal centers.
  • Black Family and Child Services
    Provide childcare during school hours so parents can continue to work.
  • Black Phoenix Organizing Collective
    Deliver free food boxes to black families unable to go to work and/or grocery stores due to age or underlying health conditions.
  • Central Arizona Shelter Services
    Shelter for homeless individuals, cleaning of the facility, and overtime for front-line staff.
  • Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation
    Provide a safe haven for after school program participants and food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies for children and their families.
  • Family Promise Greater Phoenix
    Provide in-house, overnight shelter for families and childcare during the day.
  • Flagstaff Shelter Services
    Increased demand for emergency shelter and supplies for adults and families accessing services.
  • Fortitude Now Foundation
    Urgent student transition financial assistance for moving essentials and travel assistance to reunite students with their families.
  • Hopi Foundation
    Remote peer mentoring materials for Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention program participants and increased demand to maintain live on-air service for the local radio station.
  • Kitchen on the Street
    Additional weekend food backpacks to provide nutrition to children who are food insecure.
  • Live & Learn
    Meet basic needs for women experiencing poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence.
  • Rez Refugee Ministries
    Cleaning supplies and essential items to support the after school program for local youth and elders in the community of Fort Defiance.
  • St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance
    Increased demand for food within the community and fewer volunteers to help get the food where it is needed most.
  • Tempe Community Action Agency
    Implementation of drive-through service for senior center meals, increased expenses related to time spent locating supplies and redesigning services to ensure accessibility.
  • UMOM
    Provide emergency shelter to families, single women, and youth. Increased demand for food and supplies, and additional staffing needs.

ACF and Valley of the Sun United Way are currently accepting applications from nonprofits for both immediate relief and long-term recovery grants. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee of advisory members comprised of fund collaborators, with immediate relief grants considered the priority at this time.

“Local nonprofits, and the families and individuals they serve, need support that is available and nimble to meet the fast-changing environment they face right now,” said Valley of the Sun United Way President and CEO Carla Vargas Jasa. “We are so incredibly grateful to the many caring donors who support both the United Way and ACF COVID-19 funds, and have made it possible for us to get much needed resources into the community quickly. As donations continue to come in, our organizations will work together to get support to the people who need it most.”

“At this critical time, it is important that we collaborate and support the organizations across the state working to support those in need,” said Arizona Community Foundation President and CEO Steve Seleznow.

To learn more about ACF’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund, or to make a contribution, visit

To learn more about Valley of the Sun United Way’s United for the Valley COVID-19 Fund, or to make a contribution, visit or text Unitedfund to 51-555.

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