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ACF survey results will shape strategic planning

For the second time, the Arizona Community Foundation engaged the Center for Effective Philanthropy to conduct a confidential survey of our donor-advised fund, scholarship fund and supporting organization donors. We are pleased to share that the response rate provided us with statistically significant results, and the insights are shaping our immediate and long-term plans around donor services, communications, community leadership and impact.

It is our goal to exceed our donors’ expectations for service while also growing philanthropy throughout Arizona. Your feedback helps us do that, and so we thank you for your participation and your candor.

One of the many reasons ACF partnered with the CEP is so that we could not only measure your satisfaction against our own goals and standards, but also against the perceptions of donors to other community foundations across the country. Also, because we participated in the Donor Perception Report three years ago, we can now compare this year’s findings to 2012’s findings to identify where we have made progress, and any areas requiring attention.

Key Findings:

  • You are satisfied with your experience with the Foundation, and you rank us very high on responsiveness, efficiency and professionalism. You find our staff to be the most helpful resource and enjoy learning about the Foundation’s work through your designated Relationship Manager, our Annual Report, and our website.
  • You are most satisfied with ACF’s integrity and trustworthiness, the quality of our staff, and the performance of our pooled investments. You rely on the advice and expertise of our staff as well as our website to achieve your charitable goals.
  • Most of you have communicated your charitable goals to your Relationship Manager, with whom you are highly satisfied with your interactions.
  • In comparison to other community foundations, however, you rank ACF lower in the areas of community leadership and impact.
  • While 88 percent of donors report receiving information about the Foundation’s impact on the community, a smaller proportion say they understand the Foundation’s goals.
  • ACF needs to do more in making donors feel connected to the community.
  • Sixty-seven percent of you are using Foundation resources; the advice and expertise of Foundation staff and information about nonprofits were recognized as the most helpful.
  • You have varied needs in terms of how and how much you want to interact with our staff:  Some of you have clearly defined goals and feel self-sufficient, while others would like some advice in making grant decisions. Those of you who interact with our staff and use Foundation resources are more satisfied than those of you who do not.
  • We have room to improve when it comes to communicating our goals and plans, and the impact we’re having together on our communities and specific issues.
  • Most of you, 79 percent, plan to continue giving to the Community Foundation in the future by augmenting your fund previously established. This is good news for Arizona and we are honored to have your trust and confidence.

How We Are Responding:

  • We are proud of the integrity we’ve demonstrated and that we have earned your trust. We are also pleased that our professional staff is so highly regarded. We appreciate your recognition of our efforts in these areas. We will continue to improve in our response times.
  • We will tell you more about our work and how it helps our communities thrive, as well as our goals for Arizona and for our organization. We will do this by sharing stories of impact through new and existing communication channels, and by telling stories in new ways. Your Relationship Manager will keep you informed of projects and plans in your interest areas as well.
  • We will continue learning how we can successfully work together to help you achieve your philanthropic goals, while also ensuring you understand and can engage with the Foundation’s broader goals.
  • We are honored that you plan to grow your fund at ACF in the coming years as we work to address Arizona’s persistent challenges and build on positive opportunities.

The entire Donor Perception Survey [1.3MB] with results and analysis by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, is available for your review. We want to improve in every area and make your giving experience as meaningful and impactful as you desire. Please tell us what we can do better, what you’d like to know more of and how you like to communicate. We encourage and welcome your input.

Thank you, most sincerely, for your continued trust and confidence. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.

Steven G. Seleznow
President & CEO

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