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Reservations for the Debi Bisgrove Community Philanthropy Center are now being accepted for meetings after July 1.

If you have questions, please contact Allan Villanueva or call 602.682.2061.

The Arizona Community Foundation's Debi Bisgrove Community Philanthropy Center will be available for use by qualified nonprofit organizations, free of charge (save for a cleaning fee) beginning July 1, 2022.

The Arizona Community Foundation is committed to serving as a convener for our stakeholders to engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and mobilize philanthropy to strengthen our communities. 

We are eager to welcome internal and external guests back into our meeting spaces beginning July 1. Qualified nonprofit organizations may submit a reservation now. Following guidance and recommendations from the CDC and Arizona Department of Health, we will protect the health of guests and staff by utilizing the guidelines below.

Virtual hybrid meetings are not available at this time.

Meeting owners will be responsible for properly sanitizing tables and surrounding surfaces at the conclusion of each meeting.

Seating capacity

The full Debi Bisgrove Community Philanthropy Center will be available for meetings. No more than 25 guests are allowed in the meeting room at this time.

Appropriate uses of meeting space

Typical uses of the Arizona Community Foundation's meeting facilities include:

  • Strategic planning and training retreats for nonprofit boards and staff, goal-setting conferences, communications workshops, and joint planning or collaborative efforts among nonprofits and community organizations.
  • A neutral setting for nonpartisan discussion and presentation of policy-making options and issues around civic engagement.
  • Lectures, panel or small group presentations, and classroom-style educational workshops.

Inappropriate uses

The Arizona Community Foundation does not approve requests for meeting space for the following uses:

  • Fundraising events or events at which an admission fee is charged at the door, or where products are sold or auctioned.
  • Partisan group meetings or sessions designed to promote a partisan purpose.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings of an organization’s board or committees.
  • Private or family events such as weddings and anniversaries.

Request a Meeting Space - Completing this online request form

Usage is not confirmed until you receive an email

Completing the online request form below is the first step in reserving the Debi Bisgrove Community Philanthropy Center. Once you have read, completed and returned the signature pages of the Reservation Kit you will receive emailed confirmation from our events staff if your request is approved.

Requesting use of ACF meeting spaces

Please complete the form below with basic information about your event, and your request will be reviewed and either approved or declined within 48 hours. Approval of your initial request places a temporary hold on the room for your meeting. Your reservation is considered confirmed after the Reservation Kit and all of the signed documentation and fees are received by the Arizona Community Foundation.

Please note that material presented and opinions expressed during approved gatherings do not necessarily represent the views of the Arizona Community Foundation.

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Your contact for reserving meeting space:

Allan Villanueva

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