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A message from ACF leadership
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Given the tragic events of recent weeks, from Georgia to Central Park to Minneapolis, many of us are struggling to find the right words. 

Words that are comforting, compassionate, and unifying. Words that will help heal the wounds and anguish exploding across our country. 

What are the right words to express our deeply shared beliefs about equity, fairness, civil rights, and a civil society? What are the right words to address the insidious and destructive impact of racism on our communities, our families, and our children? 

So, we are left with this: We are beyond words. We must act.

We, as a community, cannot let this moment pass. We have done that too many times before. Just look at how that has worked for us. The evidence is clear.  It has not. 

Inaction gives license to repeating the destructive patterns of the past. Only through action-- action that directly addresses the ills that brought us to this day--can we change the cycle, and break this dreadful pattern.  

Therefore, we will act, using all the tools we have:  from grantmaking to convenings, from scholarships to targeted community initiatives, from providing safe space for all voices in the communities we serve to getting behind emerging community leaders across neighborhoods, backgrounds, races, genders, and faiths. 

We will join with our many donors to support their interests in eliminating inequality and racism, and investing in nonprofit organizations who can bring our communities, our public institutions, and our fellow citizens together to heal. We will act to make our communities and relationships with one another palpably better. 

We will not repeat the patterns of the past.  We will not walk away from this moment. 

We will stand for and with all communities as community is our middle name. We will serve it, all of it, as it is, with respect, dignity, fairness, and equity. We will deny no one our services or grants based on personal preferences, biases, worldview, or politics. And if we discover that we are not properly serving a particular community, need, or group, we will change our practices to ensure that we do. 

That’s what a community foundation does. We help put grief, anger, compassion, empathy and words into action. We convene on the tough questions. We support and invest in those seeking solutions. 

For more than four decades, the Arizona Community Foundation has embodied the mission “To lead, serve, and collaborate to mobilize enduring philanthropy for a better Arizona.”

We cannot lay claim to a better Arizona until it is better for all of us.

Steve Seleznow
President & CEO
Steve Evans
Board Chair
Robbin Coulon
Vice Board Chair

After making this pledge, ACF has taken the following actions:

The actions listed are intended to provide transparency and exemplify our commitment to this ongoing work.

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