Giving Circle

Arizona Latinas Rising is an initiative of the Latina Giving Circle to increase Latina participation in executive level professional and leadership development opportunities.

Arizona Latinas Rising

The Latinas who serve our community as leaders, educators, businesswomen, and volunteers often go without opportunities to receive professional and leadership development, as well as recognition for their achievements. Arizona Latinas Rising encourages women to apply for professional and leadership development programs and request support in seeking nomination for boards, commissions and prestigious recognitions.

Applicants to the Latinas Rising program may seek assistance in mentoring, application review and development, letters of recommendation, and financial support for professional development. The goal is to increase the number of Latinas selected for local and national programs, honored for their work in Arizona, and elected to boards and commissions to represent the Latino community.

Supporting personal and professional growth among Latinas

Through the Latinas Rising program, the Latina Giving Circle is seeking to contribute to the following results:

  • Arizona Latinas influence national conversations that impact the health of communities.
  • More Latinas serve as elected officials.
  • More Latinas hold executive leadership positions within all sectors.
  • More Latinas are viewed as role models for peer and future generations.
  • Additional resources are directed to Latino communities where there is a disparity in funding between populations.
  • More Latinas receive recognition as leaders in their fields and the community.
  • More Latinas are members of boards and commissions that serve Arizona.

Application process

Applications are reviewed in an ongoing process, but you are encouraged to submit your application at least 8 weeks in advance of your deadline. Members of the Latina Giving Circle will consider all applications and provide approval depending upon the Giving Circle's time, talents, and funds available. To apply for the Latinas Rising program:

  • Complete and submit the application form below.
  • Submit your resume by email.