Strategic Investment Priority:
Arts & Culture

A thriving arts scene and diverse cultural offerings bring enjoyment to residents and visitors, and are important drivers of our economy.

Arizona's appreciation for the arts runs deep

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To celebrate our rich history and diversity, bring valuable learning experiences to children and adults, and maintain our strong social fabric, the Arizona Community Foundation collaborates to build Arizona’s infrastructure to support a vibrant arts and culture community.

  • ACF supports the Arizona Cultural Data Project, a powerful, web-based data tool for arts and cultural organizations that collects and disseminates comprehensive, high-quality information to help organizations work more effectively. Participating groups have access to free, on-demand assistance from a team of accountants specializing in nonprofit finance, who assist with the development of accurate data and a thorough understanding of the organization's financial picture. The Cultural Data Project serves as a repository, allowing groups to track their individual data and trends over time, generate reports and compare how they operate relative to their peers.
  • Since the Arizona Cultural Data Project's launch in 2011, 219 nonprofit arts and culture organizations have contributed audited financial data, but more participation will yield more accurate data for the entire sector. Learn more about submitting your organization's data profile.
  • A new report, entitled Impact: Arts and Culture in Arizona, developed by the Arizona Cultural Data Project Task Force provides a greater understanding of the breadth and impact of Arizona’s arts and culture sector.

Your support strengthens our arts and cultural communities

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