Participation in an AEBI program can provide confidence that your mission will continue to meet the needs of communities you serve for many years to come.

Ensure your organization’s long-term future

Nearly 30 charities have completed the 15-month program and a new class begins every January. Nonprofit organizations that find success with the AEBI program have characteristics that include:

  • „„Ten years or more of operation and an annual budget of $1 million or more.
  • A history of five years or more of fundraising, generating at least $250,000 annually.
  • „„A donor and volunteer database.
  • „„A sufficient number of individual donors (1,000 or more) to consider planned giving.
  • „„Enough paid staff (at least an executive director and a development director) to complete the program’s assigned tasks.
  • The support of the CEO, development director and at least two leadership board members.
  • „„A solid reputation for audited fiscal management over several years.
  • „„A regular monthly or quarterly newsletter to communicate information.
  • „„Willingness and ability to contribute $5,000 for the program materials fee, which may be made in two installments.

€œParticipation in this program provided the tools for us to establish formal guidelines and steps to achieve some practical goals that will assure the sustainability of the organization. Our participation has emphasized the importance of planned giving and endowment within our organization.

— The Phoenix Zoo